SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

Hello Girls šŸ™‚ today My post is aboutĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review, I received this Color Kohl in my Feb Bag Bag 2015. Few months before when I was doing my monthly grocery shopping in one of the known organic shop in Gurgaon and that time I saw thisĀ SoulTree products in that shop and that was the first time I got know about thisĀ SoulTree brand, But that time I have not purchased anything from thisĀ SoulTree brand. But then Because of my fab bag subscription I got to try my hands on it. Ā SO basicallyĀ SoulTree is aĀ Natural products manufacturing company and they make makeup products, Hair care and skin care products. So lets move on and check my review onĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue.

SoulTree Kajal True Blue ReviewYou feel good when You get to know that SoulTree follows a 3000 year old process for making the black colour, the essential ingredient of Kajals, especially the black Kajal. and Even they do same for color kohls. Ā It involves burning organic mustard oil through earthen lamps to make natural lamp black.Ā The lamp black, painstakingly collected over two days is then mixed with organic ghee and hand milled to a gossamer paste.Ā To this is added Vitamin rich Organic Sweet Almond Oil to give our eyes a natural luster. This is the first time I am using Organic herbal kajal and I am super excited to share its review with you.
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SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review 2

PriceĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue : Rs.350/- for 3 g

Using Direction of it :Ā Gently pull down the lower eyelid so that the inner lid line or waterline is exposed and start lining from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer end. For the upper eyelid, close the eye and line the upper lid smoothly, starting from the inner corner up to the outer corner of the eye.

Ingredients :Ā 

SoulTree Kajal True Blue Ingredients, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

Color : its a electric blue

Smell : Slightly smell of camphor

Shelf Life : 24 months

SoulTree Kajal True Blue shade, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

SoulTree Kajal True Blue packaging, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

SoulTree Kajal 12 shades, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

WhatĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue Claims

SoulTree Kajal True Blue Claims, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

SoulTree Kajal True Blue Claim, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

Blue kohl swatch, SoulTree Kajal True Blue Review

My Experience withĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue

SoulTree Kajal True Blue comes in a Lipstick bullet packaging. I really love its sturdy and silver color combination packaging. Its totally safe to carry in your handbag.Ā I am absolutely love the ingredients in this Kajal. Its a totally Ayurvedic pick kajal! Organic Ghee, Camphor, Castor & Almond Oil, Honey, Kokum & Cooca Butter etc. All the ingredients are amazing to cool down eyes heat.

True BlueĀ Shade : Ā Totally correct name for this electric blue shade, Soultreeā€™s True Blue is a beautiful periwinkle blue. Looks pretty on Indian eyes. totally pop up shade.

The Pigmentation on this Kohls is pretty good and especiallyĀ on the waterline. In a multiple swipes Soultreeā€™s True Blue Kajal cover up the the waterline nicellyĀ but for the lash line and uper lash line, I need upto 3 swipes for an intense color to show up. Ā It glides easily on eye lids with No tugging or pulling! Soultreeā€™s Kajal has an extremely soft texture & starts to melt & glide as I apply it on my lash line. But one bad thing about it thatĀ This Kajal really makes my eyes watery for a few hours. And I know that happen because the Camphor in it.Ā Now, I donā€™t really have sensitive eyes but It made my eyes water like anything so if you have sensitive eyes, Then I would suggest you to skip it. Soultreeā€™s Kajal does not stay for too long either , It stays an average wear time of 2-3 hours with this! I love its slightly camphor smell which is my all time favorite.Ā To remove the kajal, dab some of the Cleanser or Coconut oil on some cotton wool & gently wipe out eyes. And it easily takes off properly and fully.

SoulTree Kajal True Blue has a great ingredient list which attracts anyone but it makes my eyes so watery for a long time so Its your decision that give it a shot or not,

Good aboutĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue

  • Lovely shade of blue
  • 12 shades kohl to choose
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Great ingredient list
  • Smooth texture to apply
  • Does not tug or pull
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Organic Ingredients like Ghee
  • Natural Mineral Colour
  • 100% Natural
  • Not Animal Tested

Bad aboutĀ SoulTree Kajal True Blue

  • Low staying Power
  • Not for sensitive eyes
  • makes my eyes watery

Availability :Ā Online and Organic shop

Fashion & Beauty Rating :Ā 3/5Ā ā™„ā™„ā™„

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  1. I particularly use it for my upper lash line. Lovely eotd dear!

  2. wow its lovely blue but low staying power šŸ™
    u have a great eyes yaar

  3. I am agreed with Priya that u have a great eyes šŸ™‚

    I hate those kohl who makes my eye watery

  4. Hey Kiran i am a totally fan of your eyes šŸ™‚ Good review

  5. Good and Honest review šŸ™‚ Nice EOTD

  6. Nice EOTD šŸ™‚ and lovely blue shade

  7. Great review, babe!
    Happy Thursday!

  8. It’s such a shame it doesn’t last long because the shade is so gorgeous on you. Great review dear.

  9. to bad it doesn’t stay long. the color is amazing!

  10. I never knew colored kohls can be herbal. This product seems good to be used as an eyeliner. I would definitely check it out next time. Thanks for reviewing dear.

  11. This is such a different and eclectic shade… beautifully reviwed !

  12. I have tried this one.. I absolutely loved it.. I got the one in black and it was an absolute delight šŸ™‚

  13. Shade is awesome but watery eyes discouraging me to buy it !!

  14. Lovely shade but sadly not for me as I have sensitive eyes.

  15. I have this is grey and i like it…

  16. Eye stinging thing is an issue nah…your eyes are looking more expressive and beautiful with this blue kajal šŸ™‚

  17. The color looks great… but it shouldn’t have made your eyes watery.. probably not for contact lens wearers… great review with perfect detailing!

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