Skincare for Oily Skin

Hey sweethearts, today I will be talking about Skincare for Oily Skin. If you have oily skin just like me, you must have also been confused about a proper and flawless skin care routine to follow to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy and yet non sticky plus pimple free. Right?

Skincare for oily skin

Well, I am no expert and myself have learnt after following many advises blindly and using lots and lots of products and following various kinds of different skin care routines. Finally, I am here to share with you some skin care tips that worked for me and might work for you as well. Here is a short and sweet Skincare for Oily Skin which I have been following!

The problems I faced were – 

  • Greasy skin especially on my forehead and nose. After every four to five hours, my skin starts looking like an oily mess and the oil makes my complexion look darker than it actually is.
  • The pores on my forehead and area of cheeks adjacent to nose appear enlarged.
  • Pimples on cheeks that keep coming and going.
  • Blackheads.

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My Skincare for Oily Skin

Skincare for oily skin, skin care products

  • For cleansing, I am using clean and clear foaming face wash since long, the pimples have stopped cropping up now. While the acne was in an active phase, I was using a face wash called Fash that contains Salicylic acid. Clearsil, Sebamed and Cetaphil work equally good. I discontinued my Salicylic acid based face wash because the acne have practically stopped erupting and I wanted to switch to something milder as the weather is changing and those face washes are somewhat drying.
  • If you apply makeup, I suggest you follow the double cleansing method which involves smearing your face with a skin compatible oil like coconut or Olive. I was using the plain old Parachute Coconut oil and it worked really well in dissolving all the stubborn eye, lip and base makeup. This needs to be followed with face wash meant for oily/ acne prone skin.
  • I am using Oriflame Love nature tea tree toner. This helps to remove all the traces of face wash. Ditch alcohol based toners. I have read a lot that alcohol free Witch hazel works really well, too.
  • A mild facial scrub thrice a week, or say, every alternate day is a good idea. I have used a scrub from Ayorma spa and I can confidently propagate it as the best for my skin. It is not gritty unlike apricot or walnut based products and massages plus exfoliates my skin really well. Plus, it is herbal. I suggest, stay away from gritty scrubs as they further irritated your skin. Also, strongly fragranced scrubs are not good. If you cannot find anything, use besan.

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  • Moisturize using a face lotion meant for oily skin or combination skin. Please pick a fragrance free one and non comedogenic one, Neutrogena has a couple of good options. Again, you need to apply it in good quantity as you do not want your skin to feel stretchy at all.

Skincare for oily skin, clay mask

  • Face packs that are clay based are your best bet as they soak up excess oils that clog up your pores. If you are a fan of face masks, go for crushed strawberries or pineapple juice face mask as both of these contain alpha hydroxy acids and help in exfoliating as well as brightening your skin.
  • Bleaching tends to irritate my skin. So, I am only using herbal bleaches now and not the stronger ones like jolen and Olivia.
  • If you would like to include, some essential oils in your skin care, go for grape seed oil. It works wonders for oily skin.
  • Keep your facial massages light and short as you do not want to overstimulate your skin. Use a light textured organic coconut oil instead  of heavy and chemical laden massage creams for a 15 minute session, get a quick steam to absorb the goodness and follow with CTM.

So ladies, there goes your Skincare for Oily Skin. It’s short and simple and tried and tested as well 🙂 What do you think of this skincare routine? Do share your feedbacks 🙂

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Pearl is from Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.


  1. I have tried Sebamed and Cetaphil and they are very good for oily skin… Currently, am using the Avene Cleanance 3 step system and loving it…

  2. Great post Pearl, very informative!

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