Skincare before Eid Day

Eid is the biggest festival of Muslims. This religious festival is celebrated by Muslims all over the world in a grand way. Eid is almost here and these days the ladies are pretty busy in shopping for new clothes and accessories and makeup. Throughout the whole year, the Muslims wait for this festival. Eid is being celebrated with family gatherings, exchanging gifts, grand lunch etc. The women, especially young girls want to look at their best during Eid and for this, they leave no stone unturned. Special skincare is very important if you want to look radiant and beautiful on Eid. So check out this post on Skincare before Eid Day.

We always want to put our best look forward during any festival and Eid is no exception. All the women adorn themselves with new clothes, accessories, jewelries and mehndi to look attractive and beautiful. Since Eid is the most important festival for the Muslims, so they do lots of preparations to celebrate this day. It is also very important for the ladies to look fresh and beautiful on Eid. And a proper skincare is needed for that. But most of the times, we don’t get that time to visit parlors for a skincare session before Eid. But worry not. Even when you are busy at home in preparation for Eid, you can still do some basic skincare to look beautiful on the day of Eid. This article talks about Skincare before Eid Day, so read on!

Simple skincare tips before Eid day

  • The basic skincare starts with CTM or cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleanse your skin twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed. Follow it up with toner and once your face dries up, apply light moisturizer. Exfoliate twice a week. All these will help to get rid of dirt, grime, oil and dead skin cells. Skin will look fresh and glowing.
  • Do increase your intake of green vegetables and seasonal fruits to nourish your skin from inside. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to detoxify your body. This helps to keep your skin fair and clean.
  • Splash rose water 3-4 times everyday to keep your skin refreshed and radiant for Eid.
  • Avoid eating oily or spicy food as it can lead to breakouts and misbalance skin’s ph level and also make you gain weight.
  • Cut down your daily intake of coffee or tea to keep your skin fresh and to prevent dark circles. Drink milk instead as it nourishes our skin and body as whole.
  • Take enough rest. Try to sleep at least for 8 hours because during this time our skin repairs and replenishes. Also lack of sleep cause dark circles around eyes and make you look tired and aged.

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Few home remedies for skincare before Eid day

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To remove tan : Mix 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice, 2-3 tsp of fresh milk and pinch of turmeric. Apply on the face and neck. Let it dry and wash off.

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To look fresh : Mash a few chunks of papaya and mix some honey with it. Apply all over the face (avoid eye area) and wash off after few minutes. Do this daily for fresh looking skin during Eid.

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For skin whitening : Grind an orange with skin (or lemon). Add one grated cucumber with it and apply this mask all over the face and neck. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

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To remove dark circles : Mix 1 tbsp tomato juice, ½ tsp lemon juice and pinch of turmeric and gram flour. Carefully apply this around the eyes and wash after 15 minutes. Repeat this regularly and you will see your dark circles disappearing gradually.

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These are very simple, but effective skincare tips that you can follow easily even when you are busy. So girls, start following these tips to turn a few heads with your gorgeous face and charming look on the day of Eid 🙂

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