Skin Cottage Shower Gel Review

Hello girls today I am back with a review and it is Skin Cottage Shower Gel Review. I always prefer using shower gel over bar soaps. Shower gels are lot more hygienic than bar soaps. Shower gels often contain a variety of natural products and skin friendly vitamins. Shower gels are water based and so it is easier to get the moisturizer in them. Shower gels are usually calming and more soothing for our skin. These days I am using Skin Cottage Shower Gel.

Skin Cottage Shower Gel Review

Skin Cottage Shower Gel a decent shower gel from the house of premium Skin Cottage brand from Malaysia. Actually its a Middle East brand manufactured in Malaysia and licensed from New Zealand under BRG Corporation (New Zealand) limited. Skin cottage shower gel with pH5.5 protects, moisturizes and restores the essential oils of the skin and protects our skin from breakage/damage. With a goodness of spa essentials, added moisturizer and vitamin E, it is quite a decent shower gel. Now lets get down to my Skin Cottage Shower Gel Review and find out how it worked on me.

Skin Cottage Shower Gel pack

Price of Skin Cottage Shower Gel : Rs.260/- for 400 ml

Direction for use :?Pour skin cottage shower gel onto palm or wet towel/sponge. Apply onto wet body wash and rinse it off.?Caution: keep out of reach of a children

Ingredients :
Skin Cottage Shower Gel ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Pale yellow

Smell :A mix of floral and lime

Skin Cottage Shower Gel cap

What Skin Cottage Shower Gel claims

Skin Cottage Shower Gel claims

Skin Cottage Shower Gel swatch

My experience with Skin Cottage Shower Gel

A cute sleek long bottle with a user friendly cap to spill the liquid body wash is ideal company to any efficient body wash, I won’t say a highly appreciable but yes a descent daily use body wash one can try. Many fragrances and flavors are available in the market as per individual choice, one can pick up the suitable variant and fragrance.

Skin Cottage Shower Gel is enriched with Spa essential which protects, restores and moisturizes the body skin and makes it supple and soft. It is an ideal body wash for daily usage as per cost. You can carry it for travels as its pretty safe one in terms of packaging. With a pH 5.5, the product balances the essential body oils and maintains our skin’s natural oils. With a mixed fragrance of flowers and lime, it cleanses the body pretty well. I will suggest this body wash in terms of its cleansing properties and good lather ability and not based on its tall claims because it loosely does follow its claims but to the core. So I am using the word ‘Decent’ for it.

Rest its a normal body wash with good ability to clean and moisturize the body with big and tall claims. The consistency is good and the lasting capacity is excellent, the product I am using as you can see in the pics from 1.5 months and still its there and will run for at least 2 to 3 more weeks hopefully. So the quantity and lathering capacity makes it a good long lasting product and worth every penny.

Overall Skin Cottage Shower Gel is a descent body wash with a good cleansing properties and fragrance with a long running life. It is here to stay if you ignore its so called tall claims.

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Good about Skin Cottage Shower Gel

  • Great packaging and bottle
  • Leak proof and travel friendly
  • Good capping and detailed information list
  • Good mix of floral and lime fragrance
  • Great running life which is quite long
  • Good consistency and lather capability

Bad about Skin Cottage Shower Gel

  • not too much tall in its claims and just a decent cleansing body wash for daily usage. Don’t expect too much from it.

Availability :Available in selected outlets in few parts of Mumbai and other states

Fashion and Beauty Rating :3.5/5

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  1. Seems like a decent enough body wash for everyday use.. and very affordable too..

    • Yes a descent one . Cleansing part its very good rest all tall claims . Long running life make its a value for mny cleanser

  2. This is an Ok Ok Product…Nice review Piyali

  3. Looks really impressive in terms of quantity and cleansing 🙂

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