Skin Care Tips during Period

Period or menstruation is an unavoidable part of a woman’s life. And every month those few days make our life difficult. We have to go through so much both emotionally and physically. Periodical pain, cramps, mood swings and what not! And one of the worst things we have to face during period is various skin issues. So today I will share a few Skin Care Tips during Period. Most of you must have noticed that our skin suffers during those that time of the month. According to health and beauty experts, high level of testosterone during period lead to excess sebum production and breakouts. It just adds to the misery, no? Horrible! But do you know, there are a few Skin Care Tips during Period that can rescue you from this horrible situation! Without much ado, lets head straight to those special Skin Care Tips during Period that can make your life a little easier 🙂

Skin Care Tips during Period

Keep Your Skin Hydrated during Period

oil free moisturizer among Skin Care Tips during Period

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This is the most important Skin Care Tips during Period, as we tend to lose plenty of fluids from our body which leads to drier skin. So it is important to keep skin well hydrated during period. High level of testosterone during our monthly cycle makes our skin sensitive, so use an oil free and non comedogenic moisturizer to keep the skin balanced.

Apply Face Pack during Period

cucumber face pack among Skin Care Tips during Period

Apply fruit face packs when on period. You can use cucumber face packs for a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Alternatively you can massage your skin with cucumber and yogurt paste. This will not only improve your skin, but also a great way to relax when you are not going through something not so nice!

Use Salicylic Acid Based Skin Care Products during Period

salicylic acid face wash among Skin Care Tips during Period

Acne, pimples, boils etc are pretty common during period, but naturally they are not so welcome. So use salicylic acid based skin care products that removes dead skin cells, prevent pores from getting clogged and further aids in treating acne and blackheads.

Home remedies also work best. Apply aloe vera gel on the acne to help heal them fast.


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Get the Glow Back during Period

green tea for glowing skin among Skin Care Tips during Period

When on period, our skin appears pale and dull and the reason behind this is low estrogen and prostaglandins. If you want to get the glow back, apply citrus fruit facial or go for green tea based face masks. Green tea treats the sensitive skin delicately and restore the glow.

Be Gentle with Skin during Period

A very important skin care tip to remember during period is to be gentle with your skin. Use gentle, calming skin care products with anti inflammatory properties to soothe sensitive skin during this time. And make sure to avoid harsh exfoliating ingredients or else this might irritate the skin.

These are few Skin Care Tips during Period that you need to follow every month, when are due. Do let me know what other skin care tips do you follow when on period 🙂

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