Skin Care Myths

Hey ladies, what’s up? Has it ever happened to you that you blindly followed a skin care trend without verifying it or weighing it? It has happened to me because sometimes in order to get rid of skin care issues, we get so desperate that we are ready yo try anything and everything.

Skin Care Myths

In my teenage years, I suffered from acne and would follow anything that could solve my problem. I did what my grandma suggested and I would also follow what I read on internet. More than half of things we follow are myths. Can you imagine, I even applied pepper to my face? Half of the products in market are selling on such preconceived notions and propagandas. So, let us read on below to do some serious Skin Care Myths busting!!

Skin Care Myths #1 — You Can Change Your Facial Pore Size

No, pore size is something that you inherit based on the genetics and of course, skin types of your parents. Nothing can actually shrink your facial pore size. However, it is true that clogged pores appear even bigger. Using certain methods like steaming your face followed by using a cleanser and scrub would help to remove the impurities that might contribute towards clogging of pores.

Skin Care Myths, beautiful skin

Also, mud/ clay based face packs help to soak up excess oils from your skin that might be clogging your pores making them engorged and this more prominent. Try using non comedogenic products which do not get into your pores. Also, greasy skincare and makeup products are not for you.

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Skin Care Myths #2 — Shaving Causes a Thicker Hair Regrowth

It is definitely not the case, hair just appears coarser when it is smaller and shaving is not going to alter the texture, thickness or color of your hair. So, shave without worries!!

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Skin Care Myths #3 — Popping Your Pimples Helps to Get the Filth Out

Nopes, again, this is not the case. In fact, popping your zits causes the bacteria to pushed in even deeper layers of your skin that might lead to an even severe variety of acne, later on and even permanent facial scarring.

Skin Care Myths #4 — You Can Use Body Lotion On Your Face

Skin Care Myths, skin care products

Never ever do that. The skin on rest if your body, for instance legs/ arms are drier as compared to the skin on your face. In fact, on your face, you can have a combination of two skin types like an oily T zone with drier or normal cheek zone. If you use your body lotion/ butter on your face, you might end up looking like an oil pan and might even get clogged pores.

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Skin Care Myths #5 — Hypoallergenic Products Are Good For Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic is a very non specific term and is not used in a very particular reference. So, do not decide to pick up any product that says hypoallergenic. Instead, look for products that are free from skin irritants like : alcohol, fragrance, citrus oils, lavender oil etc that might over stimulate your skin.

Skin Care Myths #6 — Skin Care Products Specifically For Mature Skin

Mature skin is not exactly a skin type. The skin type of a person is either dry, normal, oily, combination or sensitive. So, buy products that suit your skin type. To take care of ageing related damage, you can look out for additives such as antioxidants. However, do not be lured by the, formulated for mature skin claim.

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Skin Care Myths, skin care

Skin Care Myths #7 — Paraben Free Products Are Better For Your Skin

To some extent, this is correct as Parabens are harsh to skin. However, there is an other side of the coin, Parabens are added to skin care products because they act as antibacterial preservatives. If you have an acne prone skin type, a paraben free product might not be a good option for you. The relationship between the preconceived notion that Parabens might cause skin cancer has not yet been clearly established. So, the label of paraben free has more of a marketing element to it more than anything else.

So ladies, here are some Skin Care Myths busted! Hope you enjoyed reading my post and this has helped to clarify your skin care doubts (if there was any). That’s all for now, catch you soon 🙂

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