Simple Coconut Milk Face Pack Recipes for Beautiful Skin

Simple Coconut Milk Face Pack Recipes for Beautiful Skin – Coconut milk, a by-product of coconut, is a popular ingredient in cooking, because of its delightful taste and rich, creamy texture. But do you know that coconut milk can give you beautiful skin as well? Yes, that’s right. Coconut milk has great benefits for our skin and here in this article, we are going to discuss about how to prepare coconut milk face pack at home. Basically, coconut milk is not a milk, but it is the thick liquid that can be obtained by blending coconut meat (the white part of the fruit) and water together. Strain the mixture and the thick white liquid that comes out is what we call coconut milk. Find out below how to prepare coconut milk face pack for beautiful skin.
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Benefits of Coconut Milk Face Pack

  • Coconut milk has excellent skin cleansing benefits. Coconut milk contains a good amount of fatty acids, that help in dissolving the excess sebum and dead skin cells stuck in the skin pores. The best thing is that, coconut milk can penetrate deep in to the skin pores and helps unclogging them by extracting the dirt out of there.
  • Coconut milk helps brightening our complexion. It is a rich source of vitamin C and E. Both these vitamins work extremely well to boost our skin tone. Vitamin C provides anti oxidant support to our skin. It boosts collagen content in the skin, which further helps to maintain a youthful, taut and glowing skin. Vitamin E, another powerful anti oxidant for our skin, has de-pigmentation benefits.
  • Coconut milk  face pack helps combating acne effectively. Just like coconut oil, coconut milk also contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which has anti viral, anti bacterial as well as anti septic properties. These properties are great for fighting off acne and keeping the skin healthy and glowing.
  • Coconut milk is a great natural moisturizer for our skin. It is a rich source of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids penetrate deep into our skin cells and provide them with a boost of hydration.
  • Coconut milk is a rich source of vitamin C and E, two powerful anti oxidants that protect our skin from dryness and premature aging. Vitamin C maintains natural skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and lines, by boosting collagen content in the skin. Vitamin E is highly effective in fighting off photo-aging (skin aging caused by sun damage).
  • Coconut milk offers some amount of sun protection. UV radiation increases free radical activities in our body which can also damage our skin. Coconut milk can boost our skin’s UV defense by neutralizing the free radicals activity.
  • The fatty acids and oil content of coconut milk is very beneficial in soothing sunburned skin. It can reduce redness, prevent peeling of the skin and adds moisture to the inflamed skin, thanks to its anti inflammatory properties.

How to Prepare Coconut Milk at Home

  • Get hold of one or two mature coconut and grate them. Put the shredded coconut in the blender.
  • Heat some water and just before it starts boiling, remove from the heat and pour it into the blender over the shredded coconut.
  • Keep on blending for two minutes.
  • Strain the mixture.
  • And collect your homemade coconut milk.

How to Prepare Coconut Milk Face Pack

1. Rose Water and Coconut Milk Face Pack for Acne Control

How to prepare rose water and coconut milk face pack?

Take a tbsp coconut milk in a bowl and add a tbsp rose water to that. Mix together and apply the mixture all over the face with the help of a cotton ball. Let it sit on the skin for few minutes before washing off with plain water. Reapply this anti acne coconut milk face pack every day.

Why it works?

If you have acne prone skin, then rose water is a must have ingredient in your skin care regime. Rose water has excellent skin cleansing and skin purification properties, which is the primary reason why it is used for acne control. Also rose water is enriched with anti bacterial properties, which help destroying the acne causing bacteria and also disinfect the clogged pores to cure acne effectively.

Rose water works as a natural astringent. Regular application of rose water helps to dry out existing acne quickly. Also it controls the oiliness of the face and tightens the pores. This in turn, reduces the chance of blocked pores as well as breakouts due to the same. Rose water is useful to minimize the scarring post breakouts.

The anti oxidants benefits of rose water also help with acne treatment and give us clear and glowing skin. Rose water helps boosting the cell turnover rate and accelerate the healing process of the skin as well as lightens acne scars over time. Rose water feels extremely soothing on our skin, due to its anti inflammatory benefits. It helps in reducing the irritation caused by acne.

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In order to achieve an acne free skin, it is extremely important to balance the pH level of our skin. Rose water, with regular application, helps to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin and controls breakouts to a great extent. Rose water is a great source of several vitamins, including vitamin A, B3, C as well as vitamin E. All these vitamins play vital roles in controlling breakouts and restoring healthy, glowing skin.

Furthermore, the natural bio active chemicals present in rose water boost our skin health. The rose oil content of rose water has a stimulating effect on the keratinocytes skin cells. These keratinocytes cells are extremely beneficial in keeping our skin healthy and radiant. These cells have anti inflammatory properties as well, which help healing inflamed skin.

2. Raw Honey, Almonds and Coconut Milk Face Pack for Glowing Skin

How to prepare raw honey, almonds and coconut milk face pack?

Take 5 almonds and soak them in water overnight. The next day, grind them to prepare a paste. Take a tbsp almond paste and mix it with a tbsp of each coconut milk and raw honey. Apply this coconut milk face pack on the face and neck. Massage the skin gently with your fingertips for couple of minutes and then let it stay on the skin for another 10 minutes. Wash off using plain water and reapply this coconut milk face pack twice every week.

Why it works?

Raw Honey –

Raw honey works great to give glowing skin. It is rich in several vitamins as well as essential minerals, that provide nourishment to the skin cells and make the skin healthy and radiant. Also honey contains multiple anti oxidants, that protect the skin from various damages and help to achieve glowing skin.

In addition, honey has amino acids as well as AHAs in it, that help boosting the health of our skin and make the skin radiant. Honey comes with exfoliating benefits for our skin. When used topically, it removes the dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities to unveil glowing, healthier skin. The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits of honey drive away acne and pimples and help achieving healthy, glowing skin.

The natural enzymes and AHAs in honey exfoliate the skin and unclog the pores to prevent breakouts. Plus its anti oxidant benefits also fight off acne. Honey can release hydrogen peroxide that help disinfecting the pores and further get rid of acne and pimples. Along with acne, honey helps to lighten acne scars and other pigmentation, with its nutritional properties, exfoliating benefits and anti oxidant benefits.

Honey works as a natural moisturizer for dry skin. The natural humectant properties of honey help drawing moisture from the environment and locks it into the skin. This provides hydration and moisturization to dry skin and makes skin soft and supple. Also honey helps preventing moisture loss from the skin.

Honey works extremely well to control the oiliness of the skin. Dehydrated skin underneath is the main reason why the top layer of our skin gets extremely oily. In this case, the sebaceous glands produce more amount of oil and make skin oily. By providing necessary moisturization and hydration to the skin, honey controls the over activity of the sebaceous glands and prevents oil build up on the skin.

Almonds –

Almonds are extremely beneficial for our skin. They work as a magic to restore glow to dull and dry skin. When used in a coconut milk face pack, along with honey, the results are simply great. Almonds help significantly with skin lightening and brightening. They contain vitamin E, which is an anti oxidant and also known for its de-pigmentation benefits. Also, vitamin E can replenish the skin with lost moisture. Being a rich source of vitamin E, almonds help to lighten pigmentation and makes skin soft and supple.

Almond paste/powder has great skin exfoliating benefits. It has slightly coarse texture, but works gently on the skin. Almonds effectively remove the dirt and impurities from the skin pores and deeply cleanse the skin. With regular use, skin becomes soft, supple and glowing.

Almonds are known for their anti aging benefits as well. Vitamin E present in almond comes with anti oxidant properties that help neutralizing the free radical activities and reducing the oxidative stress on the skin cells, thus preventing premature aging of skin. Also, vitamin E helps to protect skin from sun damage and prevent photo-aging. This is one of the best benefits of using almonds for skin care. They not only help us to avoid sun tan and skin aging, but also protects against skin cancer in extreme cases.

We know the dry skins look dark and patchy. Almonds contain almond oil which is well known for its moisturizing benefits. The high amount of vitamin E present in almond oil works extremely well to replenish the skin with lost moisture, thus preventing dry skin and restoring supple and glowing skin. Along with vitamin E, the other essential nutrients present in almonds help providing nourishment to the skin cells and repair the dryness and other damages, so that skin becomes radiant and baby-soft naturally.

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3. Oats and Coconut Milk Face Pack for Skin Exfoliation

How to prepare oats and coconut milk face pack?

Grind half a cup of uncooked oats into a slightly coarse powder. Take a tbsp oats powder in a bowl and prepare a paste by adding required amount of coconut milk to that. Massage it onto the face and neck gently for few minutes using your finger tips to exfoliate the skin. Leave it on the skin for another 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with fresh water. Reapply this exfoliating coconut milk face pack twice or thrice in a week.

Why it works?

Oats are a great natural scrub for our skin, thanks to their slightly coarse texture. But they are extremely gentle on the skin and the best part is that, oats suit all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition, oats contains ‘saponin’, which is known for its deep cleansing abilities. When used topically, oats help to remove dirt and impurities from the skin and improves skin texture.

Through exfoliation, oats help to extract impurities from the skin pores and unclog them, which further helps controlling breakouts. Along with this, the anti inflammatory benefits of oats play an active role in healing inflamed and irritated skin. Along with that, the anti microbial and anti oxidant properties of oats also help with acne treatment.

Oats are known for great absorbing properties. When used on the skin topically, oats can soak up the excess oil from the skin surface, thus preventing clogged pores, acne and many other skin problems caused by excessive oiliness of the skin.

Oats work extremely well for dry skin as well, because along with exfoliation, oats moisturize the skin wonderfully. It contains healthy fats that help with moisturization, while the polysaccharides in oatmeal create a protective layer on the skin and prevent moisture loss, thus keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

One of the best benefits of using oats for skin is that, it can protect the skin from dryness caused by sun damage, with its anti inflammatory properties. Zinc is a very important mineral for our skin. Any deficiency of the same can cause dry skin. Oatmeal, being a good source of zinc, helps to fulfill the deficiency and prevent skin dryness.

Oatmeal contains a good amount of vitamin E, which is an anti oxidant. It prevents skin dryness by replenishing the skin with lost moisture. Further, being an anti oxidant, vitamin E can protect the skin from free radicals and environmental factors, both of which can cause dry skin. Oatmeal is a good source of B vitamins, such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, as well as folate. B vitamins help boosting cell regeneration process and repair dry and damaged skin.

Oats come with wonderful skin lightening properties. Through exfoliation, it helps to lighten pigmentation and makes the skin even-toned. Also, the amino acids in oatmeal help to lighten skin discoloration. Vitamin B1 in oats helps to improve our complexion by boosting blood circulation in the skin. Vitamin E, which is found aplenty in oats,  is also known for its skin de-pigmentation properties.

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4. Yogurt and Coconut Milk Face Pack for Dry Skin

How to prepare yogurt and coconut milk face pack?

Take two tbsp coconut milk and mix it with one tbsp fresh and unflavored yogurt. Massage your skin with this coconut milk face pack for 2-3 minutes and leave it on for another 10-15 minutes. Use a cotton ball to wipe it off and then wash the face with plain water. Reapply this coconut milk face pack twice or thrice weekly.

Why it works?

Yogurt has amazing benefits for dry skin and that’s why, we have added this in our coconut milk face pack for dry skin. It works as a great natural remedy to provide relief from skin dryness. Yogurt has great moisturization benefits. Along with that, it contains lactic acid that belongs to the AHA family. Lactic acid provides excellent exfoliation to our skin. It helps to dissolve the dead skin cells and other impurities that accumulate on skin surface, making the skin dry and rough. Not just exfoliation, lactic acid nourishes and moisturizes the skin as well, to help get rid of skin dryness.

Yogurt contains vitamin B2, which has anti oxidant benefits. It protects our skin cells from oxidative stress and helps to avoid a number of skin damages, including dry skin. Also it helps with cell growth and manufacture of healthy cellular fats. Vitamin B5 and B12 found in yogurt also help to moisturize and hydrate our skin.

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Sun exposure can make our skin rough and dry. Yogurt contains a good amount of zinc, that help treating sun damaged skin. Zinc comes with anti inflammatory properties and helps to treat dry skin, caused by UV damage.

The outermost layer of our skin contains a high amount of calcium. Calcium is a vital mineral for our skin and any loss of the same can cause dry as well as rough skin. Yogurt is a great source of calcium. It replenishes our skin with the calcium and prevent dryness. Calcium has the ability to speed up skin renewal process, that further helps to maintain healthy and soft skin naturally.

These were four simple coconut milk face pack recipes that you can try out to repair and rejuvenate dry, tired and lack-lustre skin. Coconut milk, being natural, takes some time to show its effect on the skin, but trust me, the results will be worth the wait!

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