Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Hi everyone! Today my post is about Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls. If you are in your teenage years, it is your natural tendency to want to look your best all the time. But sadly, this is also the time when your skin needs to cope up with so much of a hormonal & emotional roller coaster leading to problems such as acne, clogged pores, oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads Not to worry, this simple guide would help you through your teenage years. Read on to know Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls.
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Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

ACNE Tips for Teenage Girls

While there is not much that can be done to control hormonal acne, the best you can do is to cleanse your skin with tea tree oil based or salicylic acid based face wash twice a day. In morning, the face wash would help in removing excess oils and sebum that has accumulated over skin, at night. Do not forget to wash your face before you retire to bed to get rid of dirt, oil and makeup product residues. Do not wash more than twice as it disturbs the natural Ph balance and moisture balance of your skin. Follow with a mild toner that has Rose water or tea tree oil and hydrate your skin with nice, water based lotion. You can use medicated products or ointments on a prescription from your dermatologist. Last but not the least, do not touch your pimples or squeeze them to avoid the bacteria from spreading to adjacent skin or deeper into the tissue.

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MAKEUP Tips for Teenage Girls

This is not the right age to apply too much makeup as your skin is as it is going through a lot and tends to be reactive to whatever new product you try. Buy products only after doing a patch test on your skin with sample sized products and look out for words like “oil free” and “ non comedogenic” before buying.

Focus only on concealing the eruption by patting a concealer over the eruption. Some concealers come with tea tree oil or zinc and actually help to shrink acne, you can try those out. Never rub in a concealer just pat it over individual acne.

You do not need a full on foundation for coverage, a simple tinted moisturizer or tinted lotion should do good.

A light lip gloss in soft Pink shade, close to your own lip color can be your best bey. For eyes, use soft eyeliners in Brown or Beige instead of bold Black lines.

Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls, lip makeup

HAIR CARE Tips for Teenage Girls

Oil your hair twice a week using warm olive oil to strengthen the roots and boost the shine in your hair strands.

Shampoo and condition hair every alternate day to prevent them from looking greasy.

blow dry for hair volume, Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Avoid use of too much styling gels, styling sprays and blow dryers. At this age, it is best to stay away from chemical hair treatments like: rebonding, keratin treatment and perming.

EXFOLIATE Tips for Teenage Girls

Use a mild homemade scrub like besan or oatmeal in curd to exfoliate the accumulation of dead skin cells. If you do not exfoliate, your complexion tends to look dull and chances of getting clogged pores also increase leading to acne and blackheads.

GROOMING Tips for Teenage Girls

Keep your nails properly cut and filed and your body hair waxed to look presentable.

face mask , Simple Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

NATURAL FACE PACKS for Teenage Girls

Use of orange juice, honey, tomato juice, curd and such natural substances to maintain the tone and texture of your skin is more beneficial in long run as compared to use of skincare products.

SUN PROTECTION Tips for Teenage Girls

UV rays do a lot of damage to skin at cellular level by causing tanning, production of free radicals and causing collagen breakdown. So, always wear a sunscreen while outdoors and use scarves and umbrellas to prevent direct sun exposure.

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 Hope Girls you liked the post 🙂 🙂

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