Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Hey beautiful ladies!! I always feel happy to connect with you all. I think this place has been my best pal. Each time I come across with anything, I think of sharing with you guys. Whether it is the readers of BHB or the fellow writers, you all have become a part of my life. I wake up in the morning and start thinking about how I can enhance my knowledge and writing skills so that I can deliver some great articles to you all. Last evening I was browsing videos on the internet and found few headlines like signature steps, well I am not saying that I haven’t heard about them before but it was like striking a new idea from some old leftovers. I thought of sharing few facts and tips on this blog. So guys, today I am going to tell you about Signature makeup look of Indian Women. Different, right? See we can separate few things, so let me clear one thing, I have focused on woman , not girls. So all the girls over there you may find few things different, apologies for that, I assure to that I will get back to you with something like tips for girls.

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

The moment we hear the signature word, it immediately implies something universal. Something which is applicable to all. Now because the topic is Signature makeup look of Indian Women so you must have understood that there are few techniques and steps which are common and essential in the Indian makeup look. Whether it is a wedding or any occasion, or say simple day at your home. Few things can never ever be changed and substituted. So those points and techniques which any Indian woman can’t change or I must say don’t want to change is called signature. So let us have look on few such techniques.

Universal Bindi as Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women 1

***its Kiran’s Picture from year 2009***

Without bindi any Indian makeup look is just incomplete. Whether it is a small stone or some long tipped shape, every Indian woman never forget it. It not like that it is because of our culture only, but I guess it is some more a symbol of being Indian. It makes the entire look more gracious and decent. So, when we are talking about the signature makeup, how we can forget this cute bindi?

Black kohl eyes as Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women 2

***its Kiran’s diwali Picture from year 2010***

You can’t say that black kohl eyes are recently in fashion. In fact I heard someone saying that it is a western trend which we Indian are following like our obligation. But the fact is Kajal had been ancient times element, our ancestors has used it to bring out the beautiful eyes look more meaningful and alive. Our grandmothers have always used it in their daily routine.

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Dusky shade blusher or bronzer as Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women 3

When we look for the entire makeup we know that the dusky shades of blush on and bronzer do great job on the Indian skin complexion. These shades are like god for us, without them our look would be incomplete. These shades are always available to our ladies. They compliment us so beautifully that we cannot regret to not to have them.

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Maroon or Pink Lipstick as Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women 6

You don’t own a maroon or pink shade lipstick? Then definitely you are not Indian woman. Am I wrong? Don’t you feel that even if someone doesn’t like much makeup, she will definitely have maroon or pink lipsticks?

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Marsala Shade Eye Shadow as Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women

Signature Makeup Look of Indian Women 9

Last but not the least, when it comes to shadow we prefer to marsala shade. Right now there is trend of blues and greens but think twice, does your mother likes to put green on her eyes? No, right? So still the major portion is accepting the marasala shade over the blues. That is why I have kept it as a signature makeup.

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That’s it, how feel about my post? And let me know if you find any other signature makeup tips for Indian woman.

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  1. You are right!!!! The bindi and maroon lipstick!!!! Style statement of older generation of Indian women 🙂 We still cant get over the maroon lippie 😀

  2. heheheh 😀 i love the bindi….. and your are truly gorgeous mam

  3. My Love to you.. You look super pretty and You have such beautiful eyes. I feel incomplete without bindi:) :):)

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