Side Effects of Fairness Creams

Hello girls!! Today I am back with another new post and it is Side Effects of Fairness Creams. Fairness creams have been quite popular in India since as long as I can remember. I was a kid when my mom used to use Fair and lovely in summers and Charmis in winters. Have you ever given a thought as to what these products are promoting… unnecessary discrimination and racism towards duskier skin tones. Most of the fairness cream advertisements depict darker skinned people as unacceptable by society and not being successful in their careers. No product has the right to promote such unreasonable bias. Some of the most beautiful and sultry actresses in Bollywood as Hollywood have dusky skin tones and are hugely successful in their careers.

Side Effects of Fairness Creams

First of all, each girl should learn to accept herself, as they are and learn to carry their personality in the best way possible. Fairness is not something to be obsessed about. You can do your best to have a clear, non patchy complexion that has a healthy glow. However, there is no need to freak out about having “White” skin and invest in expensive fairness products. Apart from, lowering your confidence, fairness products have certain actual side effects on your skin. Fairness products are laden with chemicals that do more harm to your skin than good over prolonged periods of time. Read on to know more about Side Effects of Fairness Creams.

Let us have a look at the most common ingredients of fairness products available out there in the Indian markets.

Side Effects of Fairness Creams – Bleaching agents

Side Effects of Fairness Creams, bleaching affect

This is common sense as only bleaching agents can actually lighten the colour of your skin, that too, upto a limited extent only. The most popular bleaching agent used in fairness products is hydroquinol. Most of the fairness products do not mention the percentage of bleaching agents being used in their products. Use of a percentage of bleaching agent in a proportion more than 3 to 4 percent in your fairness cream, can lead to certain serious side effects like: thinning out of skin making it more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Bleaching agents also make your skin photosensitive leading to sun damage.

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Side Effects of Fairness Creams – Steroids

Long term use of steroids in any form can lead to long term side effects on body like suppression of natural steroid release in body. Decrease in secretion of natural steroids can lead to thinning of skin leading to stretch marks on body, in severe cases the skin can also break open, acne/ breakouts, increases susceptibility to skin infections and hyper pigmentation and refractory pigmentation.

Side Effects of Fairness Creams, fairness creams

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Side Effects of Fairness Creams – Mercury

Many fairness products contain mercury that leads to disorders of nervous system.

None of these side effects are immediate and take over years and years of use to be evident that is why use of such products is not very recommended.

As per dermatologists, nothing can permanently alter your skin color naturally. Fairness creams and skin care products can only help to remove accumulated tanning and decrease melanin pigmentation. Apart from these, there are just the harmful chemical that would harm your skin in long term. So girls, I would suggest you to stay away from these fairness creams. Lots of natural remedies are there to achieve your desired fairness and you can find them on our BHB itself. So go natural and stay beautiful 🙂

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  1. very Informative post 🙂 Today I got to know lots of thing about fairness products 🙂

  2. even i got to know a lot while preparing this article kiran 🙂

  3. Omg! And we all love fairness creams!! So sad..? Good post Pearl!?

  4. wow this is really informative thanks for sharing! its shocking how companies do not care of any of these side effects while selling their products 🙁

  5. very informative post…I do not believe in fairness claims anyways so I stay away from such products 🙂

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