Should You Use Hair Extensions for a More Fabulous Look?

Should You Use Hair Extensions for a More Fabulous Look? – If you want to transform your hairstyle or need to add some volume and length to your locks, hair extensions are what you need. They are getting more popular today as they improve in quality and become cheaper at the same time. Now-a-days, there are hair extensions so fine, they will look completely natural. Therefore, if you want to enhance your beauty, you should consider this type of hair product. However, you also need to remember that no matter how good they get, hair extensions aren’t completely harmless. Therefore, you need to consider the pros and cons of this hair enhancement before making the final decision.
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Hair Extension Advantages : Beauty, Ease, Affordability

The best reason to use hair extensions is that they allow you to create almost any hairstyle you can think of easily. Even if you aren’t using them for some elaborate style, they will simply make your hair look better.

Extensions add not only length but volume as well. Therefore, they can enhance your looks effortlessly. But remember that to create this kind of effect, you’ll need to find a perfect match for your natural hair color. When you get extensions from a salon, this should be easy because they usually have a hair extensions color ring. It will allow you to choose a perfect match for your natural hair.

However, if you are buying extensions online, you might miss with the exact shade. Therefore, it’s essential to buy these products only from stores with a good return policy. This way, you’ll be able to replace the product if it doesn’t match.

Another important advantage of hair extensions is that anyone can use them. Long gone are the days when it was a privileged beauty service for the rich. Today you can find very affordable clip-in and tape extensions online. They are reusable and can look perfectly natural.

Of course, if you want permanent or semi-permanent extensions, like keratin bonds or microlinks, they won’t be cheap. However, you can wear these extensions for six and more months. Therefore, it’s a good investment.

It’s also important to note that these products are becoming cheaper all the time. As they grow more popular more people can afford them.

Cons of Using Hair Extensions: Hair Damage

Ultimately, there is only one downside to using hair extensions. This type of beauty enhancement can cause some damage to your natural hair. This is a very common issue, but it’s not necessarily unavoidable. What you need to understand is that hair extensions are damaging when they aren’t applied or maintained correctly. If you do apply and wear them the right way, any damage will be minimal.

Please note that there will be some damage. This is unavoidable because you will have something connected to your hair by mechanical means. Therefore, some follicles are sure to be damaged, therefore your natural rate of hair loss might increase.

However, if everything is done right, this shouldn’t become a problem. In fact, if your hair is healthy, it will be back to 100% after a few days once you remove the extensions. And you must never apply extensions on damaged hair.

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The most important things to do in order to avoid extensive damage from hair extensions are:

Get them applied by a professional –

Unless you use clip-ins, you should get your extensions from a salon. An experienced professional will be able to apply them in a way that will minimize the damage. This way you should avoid burnt hair due to glue bonding or getting the beads so tight they impede the blood flow in the scalp. But only a qualified and experienced hairstylist can ensure that no such thing happens.

Follow hair extension maintenance instructions to the letter –

Your stylist will tell you exactly how to care for this new enhancement, so you need to listen carefully. Go for necessary adjustments on time and remove extensions when needed. You also need to put in extra care in scalp hydration. Therefore, with extensions you’ll need to get more deep conditioning treatments.

Use the right type of extensions for you –

You might fall in love with microbeads, but the truth is that they are only fit for someone with at least medium-thick hair. Invisi-tape extensions, on the other hand, are a good choice for people with fine thin and straight hair. And if you want a weave, you should only get it if your hair is thick enough. Do not forget that using the wrong type of extensions for you is sure to cause damage.

This was a basic idea which will help you if you are considering using hair extensions. Hope you found the article helpful, stay tuned for more.

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