Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream Review

Hello beautiful ladies!!! Happy New Year! Winter is a pleasure and pain in itself. On one hand, it gives a chance to wear fashionable jackets and brings a natural pink blush on cheeks; on the other hand it makes beauty more of a routine oriented task. If somehow one loses track and does not apply skin creams, oils and lotions regularly, what we get in return is dry flaky and dead skin. No matter how much one dresses up, dead and dull skin is something that makes everything go awry. In short, cleansing and moisturization is a must to keep looking gorgeous in winters but with changing skin preferences due to the onset of winters, skin nourishing treatment is a must too. Read my thoughts through Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream Review.
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Shahnaz Husain is one of the most trustworthy brands of India. In their skin care range there are many from precious metals to flowers to chocolate range and so on. Their products deserve the popularity they enjoy because they are nothing less than Holy Grail material. Who does not love chocolates? At least I am too good to avoid them because apart from their mesmerizing taste chocolate is known to heal heart diseases, depression like ailments. As for skin is concerned chocolate keeps it young and glowing. People opt for chocolate facials and other similar treatments to cut some years of their age. In short anything consisting chocolate is inevitable to mature skin.

Price: Rs.390/- for 50gm

Directions for use: Apply on face after cleansing and massage with outward and slightly upward strokes.

Ingredients:Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream ingedients Image

Consistency: Easy to blend into skin .

Color: White

Shelf Life: 3 years

Smell: Chocolate Vanilla candies

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What Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream Claims

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My Experience with Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream 

After trying so many cold creams in winters, I wanted a change in my skin care products. What can be more amazing than getting the goodness of chocolate packed in a small tube that has miraculous benefits for the skin. Chocolate facials are considered a luxurious experience for the price tag they come with so why not an affordable cream that claims to be pure and does what chocolate treatments can do to the skin. This cream apart from chocolate consists olive oil , almond oil ,aloe vera and rose water whose innumerable skin benefits are widely known.

Shahnaz Hussain Chocolate cream has an easy to spread base and a mesmerizing smell of chocolate vanilla candies. One does not have to struggle to blend it onto the skin; it gets absorbed with such ease. Once applied it sits on skin very long and does not let it go dry. In fact, it makes skin so soft and supple and no matter how chilly the weather is, your skin remains nourished. Even it acts as an excellent make up base and make up does not settle into cracks of skin. It can be considered the best friend of skin winters.

As for skin type is considered, dry and mature skin people this is your staple cream all round the year. For oily and combo skin girls it might make your skin look oily in daytime so it’s a good night cream for you. However for dry and normal beauties, this is unavoidable from its fragrance to skin healing properties everything. Even at hill stations where skin care is a pain due to acute dryness, this can sort out the flakiness of skin very easily. Before I forget its also a great hand cream too as its gets absorbed easily and smells great. In short it lives up to its claims of hydrating and rejuvenating skin and leaving it vibrant.

In all if you want a change in your winter skin care routine by biding good bye to cold creams and fit into a cream with anti aging benefits then Shahnaz Chocolate Nourishing cream is the one for you. It hydrates and nourishes skin all round the year, keeping it youthful and glowing.

Good about Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream:

  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Works equally well in extreme winters
  • Has anti aging benefits for the skin
  • Smells like chocolate candies
  • Contains the goodness of chocolate and skin oils
  • Great make up base
  • Good as a hand cream
  • Affordable
  • One tube lasts long

Bad about Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream

·        Nothing except that it might be little heavy for oily skin types during the daytime.

Availability:   Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating:  4.8/5  ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. seems great cream for skin 🙂 its tempting too , greatreview dear 🙂

  2. wow it sounds yummm Juthika I am yet to try things from Shahnaz Husain

  3. anything chocolate, caramel, vanilla will always attract me :-). Great review

  4. so so…tempting 🙂

  5. looks good..!!

  6. Please let me know about the product availability in pune. Can I buy it online

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