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SESA Hair Oil Review – Hello beautiful ladies!!! Today I am going to tell you about an amazing hair oil that works wonders for my hair. Oiling is an essential part of hair care regimen .In older days people oiled their hair every day which is a reason why they did not suffer from hair thinning issues. In today’s world there are so many hair enemies from pollution, styling with heat and chemicals to stress, late nights that take toll on the hair. Also in our busy lives when taking out time for self purpose is a real task, only few people are able to take proper care of their hair. As a result we get fragile hair and unhealthy scalp whose consequences are impossible to reverse in the long run. Read SESA Hair Oil Review to know more.
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SESA Hair Oil Review, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips

SESA Hair Oil Review

Sesa Hair oil claims to shoot all hair enemies from hair fall to dandruff and scalp infection. It is meant for all from problematic scalp to healthy scalp. Its formulated with several herbs that work in combination to give hair a shiny and healthy look. Sesa is unique in the sense that herbals hair oils are mostly heavy that needs efforts to wash off while Sesa being light gets washed off with mildest of shampoos . On the other hand, light hair oils contain silicones to lock in moisture while Sesa Hair oil conditions tresses solely with its herbal ingredients. What more does one need when a hair fall that triggers all hair related problems at a pocket friendly price and reduces stress via massage which costly essential oils claim to take care of.

SESA Hair Oil packaging, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips

Price of SESA Hair Oil : 

Rs.99/- for 100 ml

Directions for use : Gently massage on scalp and hair.

SESA Hair Oil Ingredients :

SESA Hair Oil Ingredients, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips

Color : Green

Shelf Life : years

Smell : Strong and appealing herbal smell.

SESA Hair Oil opening, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips

What SESA Hair Oil Claims

SESA is a rare combination of 18 herbs, 5 nourishing oil and ilk processed with ancient “Kshirpak Vidhi” which helps to remove infections and gives nourishment to scalp and roots.

Bacterial and fungal infection

  • Raswanti, Neem beej and Yashtimadhu has powerful antibacterial and antifungal activity, protects scalp from infection.

      Nourish follicles

  • Sesa  contains with rich source of vitamins ,minerals and proteins like Wheat Germ oil, Milk ,Til oil and coconut oil help to nourish scalp and follicles

      Headache and mental stress

  • Massage with Brahmi, Citrullus and Chameli Pan help to relax nerves and provide cooling effect on scalp help to provide mental peace and relief from stress and headache/.

      Dandruff and Lice

  • Sesa contains with Nili oil, Lemon oil, Dhatura and Karanj beej helps to remove Dandruff and lice and also provides protection against environment pollution.

     Indications of Sesa hair oil:

  • Improves blood circulation to the follicles.
  • Protects scalp and hair shaft from seborreheic dermatitis.
  • Nourishes hair roots and scalp through vital vitamins protects against damage due to stress or pollution.
  •  Helps in bacterial an fungal infection of scalp.

    SESA Hair Oil claims, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips
    SESA Hair Oil swatch, Hair Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Hair Care, Hair Care tips

SESA hair oil Appearance

This hair oil has a runny consistency and is very light and non sticky .It is light green in color. It is easy to wash off with any mild shampoo and makes hair so soft and less frizzy even though it does not have silicones like other light hair oils do.

Also its strong sweet smell brings sound sleep thus reducing stress as claimed. Whether one has dry scalp or oily , keeps hair oil all night or just for an hour or so on the head , Sesa does not stain pillow cases or clothes as its very light .

My Experience with SESA Hair Oil

I have used Sesa hair oil in two phases. When this was newly launched many years back, its advertisement showed that this helps with hair regrowth. Back then, I had got my hair chopped off for a change but wanted it to grow back soon.

I used Sesa Hair Oil and it actually made my hair grow faster. In a few months I got back my desired hair length. After using it for sometime I had to discontinue it as it was not so easily available then.

Years later, I repurchased Sesa hair oil with the hope of regrowing my hair as I was having hair fall issues. This time I found that they have improved the product quality. Earlier I could trim my hair only after 7 months or more as my hair did not grow much in length.

This time I had to go for it after 5 months only. Coming to other claims, it actually reduces as well as controls hair fall. Also it washes off dandruff and treats itchy scalp. I used to get dandruff in winters but Sesa controls that.

It nourishes scalp as well as hair follicles with continued application and obstructs hair fall forever. My hair looks fuller, softer and also dandruff free all round the year.

Every claim made by Sesa is true. It is a great product that shoots every hair problem and is an essential part of hair maintenance. I cannot comment if it works on lice as claimed but definitely keeps scalp infection at bay.

However the strong smell is a drawback.

Sesa hair all is highly recommended as it lives up to all of its claims from nourishing hair follicles to controlling dandruff and hair fall as well as reducing stress. Any hair problem to any hair type its suites everyone at such an affordable price.

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Pros of SESA

  • Reduces as well as controls hair fall
  • Controls dandruff
  • Hair grows faster in length
  • Cures scalp infection
  • Makes hair soft
  • Controls frizziness
  • Adds shine onto hair strands
  • Amazing ingredient list
  • Easy to wash off
  • Smell gives better sleep
  • Very light and non sticky
  • Affordable
  • Easily available

Cons of SESA

  • Nothing

Availability : Easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. wow actually i want this type of hair oil 🙂 what a great review dear 🙂
  1. Very impressive review boudi , compelling me to buy this product 🙂 🙂 I m surely getting it. Hope my hair thinning problem will get solved using it. 🙂

  2. i m gonna buy this today only. btn what is ur oiling routine. once a week or daily

  3. Wow…would love to try it..A great hair oil…Nice review gal 🙂

  4. have used it… its very good

  5. Yes this is just too good !!!

  6. after seeing lot of positive feedback thought of giving it a try… a bottle today a applied it and kept overnight….next day..i feel my hairs are silky..lets see if it can control my hairfall and grow new hair in my bald patches..fingers crossed:-)

    Will post review if my hair fall is reduced and new hair growth is der


  7. I use sesa hair oil for three time, after use it twice or thrice, I found that my hairfall reduced tremendously, still I am waiting that whether it will help to promote in new hair growth. ???

    • Thats great that it worked for you too :if you do not any internal or hereditary problem then it mite help in regrowth of hair too 🙂

  8. One more thing I would like to ask, whether sesa capsule really helps to promote in hair growth and is there any side effects.

    • well Biswajeet i cannot say that because i have not tried the tablets. Please check with your doc 🙂

      • Is ths oil really useful in controlling hair fall? Nd effects of it can b seen in wht duration of tym? Nd do ths oil carry any side effect?

        • no side effect at all 🙂 just use this regularly and you will see the difference in your hair fall problem very soon.

  9. Can gents use this product for hairfall problm?

  10. I have recently started using sesa oil
    Can you say is it recover my baldness and help to grow new hair??

  11. Hi madam..I was actually searching for a product which can help reducing my hair fall…you won’t believe how badly I am facing this some part of my scalp hair has become so less dat I am afraid of becoming bald one day…can sesa help me out

    • Look sesa is a ayurvedic hair oil so at lest you will not notice its side effect at all and its works on hair fall too

  12. Just brought it up, let’s see works or not…….

  13. This hair product gives solution to a bunch of hair problems. Thank you for this handy review post.

  14. dear madam..
    im having hair falling problem since 6 minths and used different oils but not worked and my hairs r becoming soo thinny falling even washing with just water…
    does this oil helps in preventing hair fall n regrows my hair?

  15. Hi, how good is sesa shampoo. I have tried the oil, so wanted to know if the shampoo also does a better job. Can you suggest any mild shampoo.

  16. am using sesa hair oil from past 2 months n i hvnt get any improvement in my hair growth n hair fall
    Instead my hair fall increased n my hairs got very very thin
    can i get a solution fr dis??

  17. Hi

    Im using this oil from one week. I didnt see any results yet. How long it will take for to stop hairfall and new hair growth. And also after applying this oil I feel little dullness or some lazy feeling through out my head.
    And how many days need to apply in a week.

  18. Hi…i am having lot of dandruff prob is this oil good for clearing dandruff..
    plz rply

  19. how many months it takes to show the results.. plz tell me beauties … I need help ?

  20. Will sesa oil helps below-
    Controls hairfall
    Controls dandruff
    Helps in hair growth
    Stops gray hair
    Turns brown hair to black?????

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