Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips

Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips – Hello ladies! Today I will share a new post about Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips. We girls are confused souls. We tend to be confused about everything right from makeup, hairstyle to dressing and all. And especially when it comes to any occasions then we are the most confused. If it’s any family function then we are very confused and we eat our parents and friends head off thinking about what to wear and how to dress up. We always do that. So, when it comes the time of fresher’s day then you can imagine the level of excitement. It is the first event of your college. And college is something every teenage girl dream of. It is the first step to your maturity and every one has some or the other dream for college. And among them being popular and praised is one of the major dream. All girls like to be the talk of the campus on fresher’s day. But that depends on the dress or the outfit you are wearing. In most of the colleges saree is the outfit. After all saree is one of the most sexy Indian wear and it is widely believed that we all look very chic in saree.  So, don’t worry yourself out. So, if you are Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips below.

Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips

Selecting Saree for Fresher’s Day then Check the Tips

Keep it Light –

Keep it light

Fresher’s day is meant for teenage girls. And you should not wear too much heavy and aunty like stuff. So, it’s better to wear light flowy materials. Also fresher’s party is a long event and don’t expect an AC environment everywhere. So, it’s better to wear a light and comfortable texture which you can carry for long.

Go for a Color which Goes with Your Skin Tone –

Go for a Color which Goes with Your Skin Tone

Remember that fresher’s day is a very important event. And it is the first impression on your college and friends. So, rather than experimenting too much go with the colors which looks good on you. I suggest you to avoid anything new and go with the colors you have been rocking beforehand.

Right Accessorizing –

Right Accessorising

Accessorizing is good but you should know how much to accessorize on fresher’s day. If you are wearing a light saree then you go a bit overboard with that but if you are already wearing a heavy saree then try to go light with the accessories.

Saree Style –

Saree Style

Saree style is very important on your fresher’s day. You must remember that you are going on a college function and not on a family wedding. So choose something which is quirky and young.

Colors –

Choose right colors

Try to go for the neon colors on your fresher’s day. They are in right now and give a very young and vibrant touch to your entire outfit. And you will get lots of options in terms of neon sarees at present. And the prices are also very much flexible.

Blouse Time –

Blouse design

While deciding a saree, you should also think about the blouse part too. And please bear in mind that you are going to a fresher’s day and not to a wedding. Also, today you get a lot of option in terms of blouses. So, be sure to choose one which will be apt to your personality and style.

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Bags –


And yes I know you must need a bag on your fresher’s day. After all we girls always have loads of stuff to carry around wherever we go. So, the best thing is that carry a small bag wherein you can put your essentials. I always like to carry a sling bag. They look trendy and are easy to be carried too.

So, that were some of the easy tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect saree for your fresher’s day. Hope the tips would be helpful for you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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