Have you seen My Birthday Vlog ?

Have you seen My Birthday Vlog ? – Hello 🙂 as you know guys that in Month of April my blog was not updated for a 2 week. So i know that you missed my birthday pics and things because of no post days. So i thought lets share My Birthday Vlog with you 🙂 Every year I shared the pictures but this time I am sharing a vlog which will show you my whole day of birthday. In this vlog you will see my plans, foods which I have eaten that day and my outfit, makeup and blahh blahh… so guys Have you seen My Birthday Vlog ? If not, go and check out 🙂

Birthday vlog1

  • My birthday started in a lazy mode. I woke up to birds singing. Let me tell you my birthday morning outfit now. I wore a kurti and jeggings. I am not a kurti person at all, but still decided to wear this for my birthday. Then I prepared breakfast for my husband. And you know what my hubby gifted me on my birthday? My office!! Yes, this is the best ever birthday gift I have received 🙂
  • I had a few pieces of cake (made by my mom) for my breakfast. The cake was so, so tasty! I also had some boiled corn with butter. Then I got ready quickly for my office. It was still under construction. I went there to see the work progress. I did a quick 5 minutes makeup for office. I applied Insight Liquid foundation on my face. For my lips, I chose Maybelline lip gradation and just curled my eye lashes. And a pair of big earrings to complete the look.
  • In the afternoon I came back from office and had my lunch. It was a lazy afternoon. I decided to edit some of my recorded videos while spending time with my daughter Anika. So far my birthday was going really boring. I couldn’t do anything special even if I want to. Such is the life of Indian mom. Family comes first for them. And after fulfilling all the family responsibilities, we hardly get any time to go out and celebrate, not even on our birthdays.

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  • As I said, I was getting bored, so I decided to gorge on a few pieces of the cake made by my mom, to uplift my mood 🙂 And it really made me feel better 🙂 Then I decided to visit my office once again. I changed my as well as Anika’s nail paint there..lol 🙂
  • I came back and made cute little pizzas for my daughter. And then I got ready for the dinner party with my family – my mom, dad, brother, husband and Anika. I wore a jeans and top and was feeling pretty lazy to remove afternoon makeup. So I just did a bit of touch up and got ready.
  • Then we went to my mom’s house. She had made a cake for me. A small cake cutting ceremony happened and then we went for dinner. We had a great time together 🙂
  • So girls, that’s how I celebrated my birthday. Its true that I didn’t had any special celebration and all, but guys this is how I love to spend my birthdays, with my family. For me, birthday means good food, good clothes and great company 🙂

I hope you liked my Birthday Vlog 🙂 That’s all for now, see you soon 🙂

About Kiran Raj Singh

Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of beautifulhamesha.com. She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. Good one Kiran.

  2. Fab one….

  3. Yes i saw the video and you are looking so pretty.

  4. Belated happy birthday Kiran, did not know you two are April born 🙂 Loved your video !

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