Searching Best Tan Removal Products in India

Searching Best Tan Removal Products in India – Tan is the major concern among Indian girls. So if you are Searching best tan removal products in India, then you have landed on right place. Be it in summers or winters you have to always face tanning issues, and thus you have to always look for sun protection methods. Be it sunscreens or tan removal creams and all. And thanks to such harsh scorching summers I think this is the perfect time for this post. So, here at BHB we present you some of the best tan removal products in India. Searching best tan removal products in India is not an easy task! Here majorly we are concentrating on the face packs which are targeted to remove tan from your face or body. So go ahead and have a glance through the post.

Searching best tan removal products in India

Searching Best Tan Removal Products in India

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear 

Price: Rs. 385/-

Nature’s essence lacto tan clear

This is hailed as the best tan removal product. It is said to lighten and decrease your tan right from its first usage. But this cream is heavily loaded with chemicals. But once you are badly tanned then who cares.

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Brightening and Whitening Gel Creme 

Price: Rs. 293/-

Lotus herbals whiteglow skin brightening and whitening gel creme

This is actually a crème which not only targets on the tan reduction but also moisturize your skin. They have whitening and brightening agents which not only removes tan but also clears your skin complexion too.

VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit 

Price: Rs. 150/-

If you are the one who loves to go for facials to remove your tan, then home based facials should be your next stop. Try VLCC anti tan facial kit in the confines of your home and trust me you will end up loving this.

Makari Anti UV Whitening Cream

Price: Rs. 3000/-

Makari Anti UV Whitening cream

One of the widely acclaimed and chemically tested products is this cream. It is known to remove or clear out tan and then whiten your skin complexion gradually. And as most of the creams this stays for a longer amount of time and is more of permanent if you take proper care.

Auravedic Pure Brightening Whitening Radiance Sunblock lotion SPF 30 

Price: Rs. 420/-

Auravedic Pure Brightening whitening radiance Sunblock lotion SPF 30

This lotion is very good for sun protection and tan removal both. You not only get tanned on your face but also on your body too. And this one comes with an added sun protection which is a big plus.

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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-tan Face Pack 

Price : Rs. 265/-

Lotus herbals safe sun de-tan face pack

My favourite skin care brand. I trust for sunscreens and all. But for after sun face pack lotus is also equally good. This face pack can be a bit drying but dry skinned people should top it up with some moisturiser too.

Jovees Wheatgerm and Carrot Anti Tan Face Pack

Price : Rs. 180/-

Jovees Wheatgerm and carrot anti tan face pack

Wheatgerm and carrot is very effective in case of removing sun tan. This cream works wonderfully on the discolored skin and tanning issues. Within a week of it’s usage you will be able to see the improved clear skin.

Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack

Price : Rs. 120/-

Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack

My second favourite skin care brand especially in terms of face packs. And milk has lactic acids which is really good in removing tan from your face and even body too.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub 

Price : Rs. 265/-

Lotus Herbals safe sun absolute anti tan scrub

And Lotus again did it right. Sun protection with scrubs?? Wow….this scrub is not only effective for sun protection but it also performs equally well as a scrub too.

VLCC Natural Sciences Fruits Anti Tan Face Pack 

Price : Rs. 215/-

VLCC Natural sciences fruits anti tan face pack

Fruit face pack is really good in summers. Not only is it refreshing but also equally good in tan removal too.
So, if you are Searching Best Tan Removal Products in India, these are some of the best products you can rely on for sun tan removal. Let me know if you have anything in mind regarding tan removal in the comments down below.

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