Say No to Pads with Artificial Fragrances

Menstual period is a normal part of us women. And what immediately comes to the mind when you hear ‘period’? Sanitary napkins or more commonly known as pads. But is your sanitary napkin safe to use? Health experts don’t think so! In her life, an average woman can use up to 15k+ pads. According to the health experts, these pads contain some chemicals that can cause cancer in bladder and uteras. Isn’t that scary!! These days, almost all the sanitary napkins come with artificial fragrance to keep the period odor at bay. This seems a nice idea. But, in reality it gives invitation to cancer, infertility etc. Shocking!! So girls, Say No to Pads with Artificial Fragrances. Can you believe how millions of women put themselves to the risk of health hazards every month?? In this post, we will highlight some major health concerns that might cause by the use of sanitary napkins. Take a look!

Say No To Pads With Artificial Fragrances

Doctors across the globes don’t recommend using sanitary pads for more than 6 hours at a stretch, because that may give invite to loads of health disorders. Some of the most common disorders include hormonal disbalance, infertility, depression, diabetes etc along with a itchy and unnaturally dry genital area.

There are various harmful chemicals that can be found in sanitary napkins. Some of them are as follows :

  • Dioxin : Sanitary napkins are usually white in color. And we assume they are pure and clean, However, during its manufacturing process, sanitary napkins are cream in color. A chemical called dioxin is then used on the pads to whiten the color. Dioxin, once enters the body, can get accumulated in the fat stores and eventually add up to the residual fat. It can affect female reproductive organ and can also cause ovarian cancer as well as can damage immune system and disrupts hormonal function.
  • Rayon : Rayon is a synthetic polymer which is added to the pads apart from cotton to enhance its absorbing capacity. Rayon has dioxin in it.
  • Furan : Another chemical that can be found in sanitary pads. Furan can be as harmful as causing health disorders like infertility, hormonal disruption, thyroid malfunction, diabetes and depression.

adverse effects of Pads With Artificial Fragrances

Now -a -days, all the sanitary pads claims to convert liquid into gel, so that one can use a single pad for the entire day. This is, in fact, an open invitation to cancer in bladder and uteras.


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Most of the pads come with artificial fragrances to keep the period smell at bay. Such fragrances fragrances are infused with artificial additives and chemicals like polyethylene, polypropylene and propylene glycol. These stuffs can enter the bloodstream ans wreck havoc on our body. Also they can locally harm our genital area and cause allergies and skin irritations.

If you ever cut open a pad, you will get to see a thin lining of plastic or synthetic material. This blocks the airflow and traps heat and dampness as well. This, in turn, cause bacterial growth in the genital area.

Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS is another side effect of using sanitary pads. Most of the pads come with viscose and rayon as they have high absorption capacity. As a result of wearing pads for a prolonged time, they can get stuck to the vaginal wall and cause TSS. The symptoms are high fever, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle ache. If condition worsens, hypotension or low blood pressure can be followed, which can lead to shock and death!!

Why you should not use Pads With Artificial Fragrances

Best Alternatives :

  • For women, who choose a safer route, many options are available for them.
  • Organic sanitary napkin can be a safer alternative as it doesn’t use commercially grown cotton. So they do not contain pesticides. Also organic sanitary pads are free from dioxin which is used for bleaching.
  • Organic cloth pads can also be used. These are re-usable sanitary items made of cotton, hemp or bamboo.
  • Menstrual cups are another great alternative for busy and active women. They are made with?natural, nontoxic materials like gum rubber. These cups are easy to use and lasts long. However, menstrual cups are slightly costlier. But I hope you won’t mind shelling out some extra money when it comes to your health.

That’s all for now! Before I sign off, a small request to each one of you – think twice before putting your health at stake. Go for the safer options available.

Stay healthy, stay beautiful 🙂

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