Save Money on Lipstick

Hey lovely ladies, how have you been doing? Sorry for being missing in action for quite some time!! I am here with a post that I am quite hopeful, you people will find useful. Even if you do not like doing lots of makeup, you can skip a foundation or an eyeliner may be, but you have got to have a good collection of lipsticks, sure enough. This is because a lipstick has an ability of instantly brightening up your face and bringing about a dramatic change to the way you look.

Save Money on Lipstick

I am one person who does not at all like wasting makeup products. They are getting so expensive day by day, when you pay for every single gram of the product, it makes no sense wasting your makeup. We will cover a broader category of products later. Right now, in this particular article, we shall concentrate on some tips and tricks that can be used to Save Money on Lipstick.

  • First of all, before buying any lipstick, do check on the expiry date. In a hurry, we might forget doing this but make it a point not to skip this step as there is no point buying a product that has crossed half of it’s shelf life.

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  • Like the facebook pages of online cosmetic shops, Cosmetic brands etc to stay updated about the latest schemes and deals.
  • Go for beauty subscription boxes as most of them are cost effective and you get lipsticks at a much cheaper rate.

Save Money on Lipstick, mac lipstick

  • If you are a fan of MAC lipsticks, you must be aware of this. For others, you can get a free MAC lipstick of your choice on returning 6 empty containers of any MAC products from any MAC outlet, all over the world. This is an initiative by MAC to take a positive step towards the environment and it also helps your wallet 🙂

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  • Mix and match shades to create interesting cocktails of colors. If you have Maroon and a Brown for instance, you can blend them in really well to create a lip shade from Vine family. You need not buy a new lipstick, every time. Be a little experimental and have fun with colors.

Save Money on Lipstick, loreal lipstick

  • Use a brush to apply lipstick. A good lipstick brush gives you a more precise and uniform application as compared to directly swiping the lipstick bullet over your lips. Using a brush also picks up just the right amount of product and saves you from wastage.
  • Although not very recommend, you can share lipsticks WITH A PERSON WHO DOES NOT HAVE ANY OBVIOUS INFECTIONS after sanitizing the lipstick. Dip your lipstick bullet in a sanitizer liquid and wipe the surface layer using a tissue paper. This denudes a fresh surface of lipstick which you can use.

Save Money on Lipstick, lakme lipstick

  • Do you throw away your lipstick, every time the tip of the bullet gets flattened. Avoid doing this as there is still almost one third of the product left in!! Scoop out the last parts of your lipstick using a small spatula or toothpick and store those in a pallette. Use the spatula to mash the lipstick to a thick, paste consistency. You can utilize some warmth from a hair drier to make the consistency easy to work with. Smoothen the surface and do not fill up to the top to avoid transferring the lip colour on the lid of your container. Refrigerate to set the lip shades. You can use this lipstick with the help of a brush. You can store a number of  shades in a single palette that has compartments. Now, you have a travel size, lipstick kit!!

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Last but not the least, check out this super fun videos done by Kiran to see how you can create your own lipstick using Crayons!! and How to Make Lipstick Matte & Long Last

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  1. Loved your tips. And I agree on the fact thats sometimes in a hurry to bill the product we forget the check details like expiry. I have on quite a few occasions almost picked up shades I already own.

  2. Very helpful post 🙂

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