Santoor Perfumed Talc Review

Hello my head-turners 😉 So, how did you ring in the New Years’? Was it a ride to the nearby club/resort where you let your hair down and danced as if there’s no tomorrow or stayed at home, snuggled cosily in the blankets, bake a cake/your favorite food and then have a whale of your time while trying to reminisce how the year gone by just went? 🙂 I remember a s a kid, going to India Gate, spreading a blanket, indulging in light banter and camaraderie while munching Lays or Uncle Chips used to be how New Years’ was celebrated. Irrespective of the fact that it used to be perishing cold in Decembers then, an obligatory ice-cream used to mark the journey back home. Times have changed. I don’t hold any grudge against the current way of celebration but the peals of laughter then, have been replaced by WhatsApp’s emoticons, sadly.

Santoor Perfumed Talc Review

Anyway, coming back to the topic, I have always been captivated by the aroma of sandalwood. I do not rely a lot on talcum powders since my skin is dry, yet there’s no denying that it does provide a comely finishing touch to one’s semblance 🙂 Today, I will share Santoor Perfumed Talc Review. I grabbed it simply because it had the word “sandalwood” emblazoned on its package 🙂 Scroll down and read Santoor Perfumed Talc Review to see how it fared for me.

Santoor Perfumed Talc pack

Price of Santoor Perfumed Talc : Rs.135/- for 150 g

Direction for use : Apply on skin to provide the requisite finishing touch.

Ingredients : Talc, calcium carbonate, perfume, LLP & BHT.

Santoor Perfumed Talc cap

Shelf life : 36 Months

Color : white

Smell : Gentle aroma of sandalwood

What Santoor Perfumed Talc claims


Santoor Perfumed Talc swatch

My experience with Santoor Perfumed Talc

Packed in a plastic bottle with a cap on top that has to be rotated to release the talc, the packaging of Santoor Perfumed Talc is sturdy, spillage- free (there’s an additional layer of covering on the cap to seal the holes) and travel-friendly. Thus, it is up to the mark for me in terms of packaging.’

Santoor Perfumed Talc is finely powdered. The aroma is very soothing and refreshing. It isn’t strong/overpowering which is why, it won’t pertrub those with a sensitive nose 🙂 However, the biggest drawback of it is that it is white in color which s incompatible with Indian skin tone and looks deliberately contrived once applied on skin. During summers, when we sweat, the talc mingles with the sweat and starts dripping off. That to me, looks eyesore. While all skin types can use it, yet I recommend those with dry/parched skin to use it cautiously keeping the amount minimal 🙂 The quantity is quite a lot for the price one has parted with so, a single bottle is likely to stay for long. But I seriously do not advocate its use on face as well as neck because once you sweat, it’ll drip (of course, after getting mixed with sweat- I know it sounds gross. Don’t picture it)! In other words, its shade isn’t tailor-made for Indian skin.

Also, it contains chemicals but if used with caution and infrequently, the amount of chemicals being pumped in one’s skin won’t harm much. Moreover, I haven’t come across any “organic” talcum powder so far. I do not even know if something like that exists or not. So, for the time being, one has to put up with these chemical-laden ones.

Given the economical price, ease in availability, sturdiness and hence, travel-friendliness but unnatural appearance once applied on Indian skin (that is, its incompatibility with Indian complexion), I don’t find Santoor Perfumed Talc a good bet. One has better options in the market.

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Good about Santoor Perfumed Talc

  • Travel-friendly
  • Readily available
  • Gentle aroma
  • Inexpensive

Bad about Santoor Perfumed Talc

  • Has chemicals
  • Leaves an unnatural white cast/shade when applied on skin. Hence, incompatibel with the general Indian skin tone

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 2/5

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She is a true-blue Delhi-ite by nature. In spite of having lived in this city which is called "The melting pot" of different cultures, religions, cuisines, and colors, She believe there's always something to be discovered in this city which happens to be a heady cocktail of new and vintage. While she is no fanatic when it comes to skin and hair care, holistic living is more her mantra. Minimalism, she believe has an inexplicable charm and magnetism. By the virtue of having an 'over-the-top' imagination, She love contemplating possibly the most impossible scenarios in her mind. Perhaps, when they say "An idle brain is devil's workshop", they were pinpointing me! When it comes to preening one's appearance, She rely and advocate herbal remedies over quick-fix solutions because that's what She think keeps one BEAUTIFUL HAMESHA :)


  1. so many talcum powder being reviewed this days….nice review nidhal

    • Thanks. The timing’s quite odd (winters)but still hopefully it will be helpful during summers while making a choice 🙂

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