Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Review

[kkstarratings] Hi friends, Today My post is about Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Review. I received this product in my august velvet box. Miracle Cure works for Severe Problem Nails like Peeling, breaking, splitting, dry nails. Many girl suffers from these problems of nail but many of girls don’t know about this sally hansen product so today i will help to get rid of these all nail problems take a look for more

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Review

Price of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

Rs.675/- for 13.5 ml

Key ingredients of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

not mentioned

Direction for using Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

Shelf life of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

not mentioned

Color of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 


Smell of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

strong smell of nail color

Sally Hansen

What Sally Hansen Miracle Cure  claims

strongest nail

Feel about Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

My experienced with sally hansen was really bad and when i received again sally hansen product in my velvett box I was not happy because of my bad experience. Finally i decide to use it. Its comes in blue glass bottle in golden applicator cab. Its quite big size bottle than other nail paints. It has really runny consistency.

Actually I don’t have any nail problem but I thought if its really good for nail then why not to try it ? so finally I started using it and After using this product for one week my nails are much better than my actual nails. All in all I think the product is good and does what it says, I have had no problems. Although, maybe just because I don’t have any nail problem

If used exactly as directed then its definitely works best for nails

Good about Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

  • Easy to use
  • Works good for no problem nails
  • Gives shiny white nails in week
  • Dries in second

Bad about Sally Hansen Miracle Cure 

  • Costly
  • Tough to use regular
  • Its resuls not for last long

Availability – not easy but online availabel

Fashion and Beauty Rating – 3.5/5  ♥♥♥• 

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  1. Wow! U r introducing new products to the not so aware beauties 🙂 superb going gal:)

  2. looks goood…!!

  3. not very impressive product…thanks for the review kiran.

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