Safety Apps for Women

Women safety is now one of the most vital issues of India. Every single day women from all walks of life are being assaulted and violated. Who can forget the ‘Nirbhaya’ case in Delhi back in 2012? This incident has made it clear that even in 21st century, women can’t step out of their house at any given time without having to worry about their safety. Attacks on women are at all time high, still we can’t simply stay back home and abandon our school, college, workplace and everything! The best way to ensure our safety is to use the technology that we carry with us all the time. Yes, I am talking about our smartphone. Smartphones can actually play an important role in women safety. There are some apps that can be of great help when you are in any kind of uncomfortable situation. These apps are like our best friends, they can reduce our risk and bring assistance to us. Let’s take a look at these Safety Apps for Women.

Safety Apps for Women


Channel V has introduced this app for women safety. By clicking the power button twice, anyone facing danger can send alert message, along with their location ?to pre-set contacts. The receiver gets a link of the location which keeps on updating in every two minutes. Available both for Android and iPhone.


This app is available in both free and paid version. With a push of a single button, this app allows you to send an emergency message including your location via GPS to your chosen contacts. You can set up a ‘safety net’ of guardians who will receive your SOS message. The free version allows one guardian to receive a phone call, while in the paid version, 3 guardians can be called simultaneously. It also gives to the option to program a fake incoming call.

Personal safety apps for women


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If you are in trouble, just shake the phone vigorously or unplug the headphone and this app will alert your selected emergency contacts. Updates go out every minute and each alert message includes your GPS location, street address and a 30 second audio recording.

Circle of 6

This is a must have for all women. The user has to add six trusted friends to their ‘circle’. And then whenever you are in trouble, this app will automatically send pre-programmed alert message to that ‘circle’ including your exact location. This app also gives you the choice to call two pre-programmed national hotlines or local emergency numbers in critical situations.

women safety apps

Smart 24×7

It is a safety app which is linked to the police. The Panic button lets you give a call to the police. Plus the pre-set contacts also receives alert calls. In case of non-functional GPRS, location can be sent via sms. Moreover, the app also clicks photos and records audio video of the situation.

So here are some Safety Apps for Women which helps you to send emergency alerts to your chosen people and also make them aware of your whereabouts. Safety is no longer an option, it is a necessity and so girls, make sure to have these apps handy on your smartphone.

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