Rock Your Saree Look with the Saree Shapewear

Rock Your Saree Look with the Saree Shapewear – Saree, the traditional dress of Indian women, is a timeless beauty. It stands for elegance, femininity and style. This seemingly endless piece of fabric adds an unmatched beauty to a woman. Sarees are for all seasons and every occasion. But draping a saree is an art, and not everyone is an artist. We often ditch wearing a saree out of the fear of looking ‘fat’. It’s true that saree, if not appropriately draped, can make us look broader. And we always wish to look slimmer, right? Then, what’s the solution? Flaunt a perfect figure in saree with a saree shapewear.

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What is a saree shapewear?

Shapewear for saree are made of stretchable fabrics than can mould itself to suit anybody’s figure. They hug our body at the right places and toned our hips, thighs and abdomen, thus creating a slim base to drape a saree on. These are like long skirts that you can wear under a saree.

Why choose them over traditional petticoats?

The main reason why sometimes sarees give us a broader look is because the traditional cotton petticoats that we wear add unwanted bulk around the lower part (especially the waist, abdomen, hips) of the body. Saree shapers are the perfect replacement for petticoats for a slimmer and more stylish look in a saree. It gives you a toned, mermaid-like shape in a saree which looks absolutely beautiful. This type of saree shapers are like a real blessing for us women in the modern era, because they make draping a saree a no-fuss affair.

The drawstring petticoats can feel quite uncomfortable if you are not habituated wearing a saree, unlike your mother or grandmother. Firstly, the petticoat can either become very tight or loose and in both scenarios, it will ruin your saree look. The string and knot often give a bulky look around your waist, which becomes impossible to hide at times and to tuck them into the skin can make you feel uneasy.

On the other hand, a saree shaper sits snugly on your skin and gives a much-toned look. It’s a body slimming wear that works on your abdomen, thighs and hips to help ditch the unwanted bulges and gives you a beautiful, slimmer look. If you have curves, these saree shapers will accentuate them to give you an envious curvy look in a saree.

Are they comfortable?

Saree shapers are for style, but what about comfort? Well, whoever said style & comfort could not go hand in hand, must have never heard of saree shapewear! They are made of spandex like material, which means they are lightweight on the skin and breathable.

The seamless waistband means no need to tie any knots and then tucking them into your skin.

And the side slit around the hemline (some comes with flares as well) means you can quickly move around! Style and comfort – the best of both worlds seems to have combined in shaping petticoats, isn’t it?

What’s more, saree shapers are not just meant to wear under a saree, but you can wear them along with fitted gowns, maxi dresses and lehengas as well. Saree shapers come in a wide range of colours, starting from the basic red, white, black to mustard yellow, turquoise blue, baby pink, ivory, skin, maroon, lime green and what not! You need to pick up the colour you want!

How to choose the right saree shapewear for yourself?

  • The most important part of choosing the right saree shaper is to go with your true size. Wearing a size small won’t make you look slimmer, but it can actually do the opposite and cause unwanted bulges on your waist and belly area. Go through the size chart first and pick up the right size while shopping for these body shapers online.
  • Choosing the right colour is also important. Pick the closest shade to your saree or go with a ‘skin’ colour shaping petticoats.
  • If you are not comfortable with a saree shaper having an elastic waistband, you can opt for the ones which come with drawstrings. Yes, they are available as well and will work the same just like the slip-on ones.

Now that you know about all the attractive features of a saree shapewear and how it gives you an attractive, sculpted look in a saree, there is no reason not to get one (or a few) for yourself! It’s time to take out all your sarees from the wardrobe and wear them in style with your new BFF.

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