Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser Review

Hello Readers, I am going to publish Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer review. The easiest way is to get healthy skin is to moisturize it just like the easiest way to stay fit is to eat healthy. Moisturizer is a skin food that replenishes, nourishes and protects skin against dryness, while dryness is the basic fault behind early aging skin. I was looking for an anti aging moisturizer that’s also free from harmful chemicals and thus picked this moisturizing lotion online.

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser Review

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer is a homeopathic preparation which is formulated using Sarsaparilla which is extensively used to cure dehydrated skin conditions. Apart from that it contains Aloe vera extract which soothes skin and softens it and glycerin which is known for its skin hydrating qualities. Overall it’s a medicated lotion which claims to beautify skin using natural ingredients.

Price of Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser Rs.140/- for 100 ml

Ingredients of Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser

ingredients of Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser

Directions for using Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser

claims and directions of Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser

Color : Baby pink

Shelf life : 2 years

Smell : Strong perfume like smell

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser

What Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer claims

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser claims

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser swatch

My experience with Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer comes packed in a lightweight plastic bottle that is carry to carry around. Its pump packaging obstructs unnecessary wastage of lotion and its semi transparent bottle helps in detecting the amount of moisturizer left. For reference I have mature normal to dry skin. Very little amount is required for the whole face so one small bottle of Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser lasts for more than more than a month. Comparing the quantity provided with regular drugstore brands, this lotion is at par with the price and quantity.

On applying Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser twice daily it protects and nourishes the skin. The hydration it provides is truly adequate for all skin types. On one hand Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser gets nicely absorbed into combination to oily skin without causing break outs and skin looks healthy and glowing. On the other hand, Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser works equally well on dry skin, it keeps it hydrated for really very long. Plus it works equally good as a day as well as night lotion. When used on clean skin in the day Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser needs to be layered with sun protection as it does not contain anything to prevent skin from harmful rays of the sun. As it gets easily absorbed into the skin and acts as an excellent base for applying make up as the skin feels smoother than before.

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As a substitute of night cream also Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser works so well that the next morning I wake up with softer and replenished skin. Being non oily it does not stain linen too. The finish it gives is not matte but a natural look to normal to dry skin. Oily beauties may look a little shiny so this can be a skip in that case. Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturiser is truly a moisturizer that brings a nice radiant glow to the face. In fact it lives up to all of its claims of hydrating, replenishing and beautifying skin while making it softer, smoother and glowing.

Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that protects and hydrates skin. Its good ingredients make this an excellent moisturizer that replenishes dry and mature skin. Every claim of getting access to beautiful and smoother skin is true.

Good about Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer

  • Provides hydration to all types of skin
  • Works both as a day as well as night moisturizer
  • Makes skin soft and glowing
  • Settles into a natural finish
  • Very lightweight on skin
  • Does not break out the skin
  • Pump bottle packaging
  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable

Bad about Richfeel Sarsaparilla Moisturizer

  • Will make oily face look shinier

Availability : Online as well Richfeel centres

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5  ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. I recently got a soap from Richfeel.. apparently, this company delivers good products 🙂

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    This is a good brand. Very nicely reviewed boudi 🙂

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