Revlon Kohl Kajal Black Review

Hello Readers, I am going to post Revlon Kohl Kajal Black Review. Few days back, while cleaning my dressing table I found that it is time to get a new kohl pencil as the one I was using was on the verge of exhaustion while I had none as a back log too. So I browsed around the net to look for options and found this from Revlon. There was a time when I was extremely loyal to the Revlon Liquid Liner, after finishing two bottles I got bored and switched to other brands and since then it has been a long time. So I thought it would be great to restart with an affordable kajal from their range and picked this up.

Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black review

Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black glides on smoothly for a rich kohl look. It gives the ultimate matte look and works best in hot and humid climate. It is suitable for the inner rim of the eyes. The shade black is shade no 11 so there are many other exciting shades to choose from.

Revlon Kohl Kajal Black

Price of Revlon Kohl Kajal Black : Rs.225/-

Ingredients : Not mentioned

Directions for use : Just swipe on clean lower lash line.

Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black pencil

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Black

Smell : None

Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black swatch

What Revlon Kohl Kajal Black claims

Revlon Kohl Kajal Black claims

Revlon Kohl Kajal Black swatch

My Experience with Revlon Kohl Kajal Black

Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black comes in the form of an ordinary wooden pencil. The kajal is soft but not the extent of breaking that easily. One needs to sharpen this with an ordinary sharpener to get access to the kohl. Sharpening every time may look like product wastage but with every take the bacteria gets separated from the product and it is safest to use it every time on your eyes. I like the gold printing on the kajal. It kind of imparts a stylish look to the product. Revlon Kohl Kajal Black is smooth and it glides on perfectly. There is no unusual pulling or tugging of the skin and one can get the desired look with ease.

The shade black is the blackest of black a color. Just check the swatches I have provided. Revlon Kohl Kajal Black is just two swipes of this kajal and you get that kind of color pay off. So as far as pigmentation is concerned this kohl can give other high end brands a run for their money. This is great for creating dramatic eye makeup look or smokey eye makeup and so on. The final look it imparts is a matte look which is again a rare phenomenon in drugstore brands. Plus it does not irritate eyes in any manner.

Sadly this liner pencil is a failure for me although its pigmentation is extraordinarily good. In this era of budget friendly eye pencils how can a reputed company manufacture kohl that’s neither smudge proof nor water resistant. Yes, I agree that it has not been claimed by the company but it is by default an assumption of most buyers like it. Revlon Kohl Kajal Black gives you panda like eyes in a few hours. I got dry eyelids if this is the outcome on dry lids then just imagine the result on oily beauties and girls who have watery eyes. Revlon Kohl Kajal Black is a must avoid product for sure and is definitely not recommended for lenses wearers. You guys can check other shades of this range and find out if the quality is any different or not.

Overall Revlon Kohl Kajal in Black has a pitch black color pay off and smooth texture yet this is a must skip as it is neither smudge proof nor water resistant that gives you panda eyes in a few hours of application.

Good about Revlon Kohl Kajal Black

  • Jet black
  • Smooth texture
  • Affordable

Bad about Revlon Kohl Kajal Black

  • Not water resistant
  • Not at all smudge proof
  • Not recommended for sensitive eyes or lenses wearers
  • Pathetic stay
  • Transfers to waterline and creates a mess
  • Gives panda eyes in a few hours

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 1.5/5  ♥• 

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  1. not smudgeproof 🙁

  2. very well pigmented..

  3. super black shade exactly how i want but bad about things says no for me
    good review jut

  4. beautiful EOTD 🙂 i only wished it was smudgeproof..

  5. Oh a bad buy 🙁 But ur eyes look so beautiful 🙂

  6. oh what a dud from revlon, thanks for the honest review 🙂 shall stay away from it!

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