How to Repair a Broken Compact

Hi Everyone, Have you ever bought a new compact and ended up dropping it in hurry? so here is tips, How to Repair a Broken Compact. It happened to me recently one morning when I was getting ready for my work place. It was such a heart ache. I felt as if my almost 500 bucks have gone down the drain then a friend told me that it can be repaired and then both of us did some reading and research on internet to figure out how exactly can we fix it.

How to Repair a Broken CompactHonestly, we did this on experimental basis. I had not actually attempted it, ever before. So, was not really sure of the outcome. Thankfully, it turned out quite well, much to our surprise. Thanks to internet, we get to know about such tips and tricks. I thought, this is definitely worth a tutorial as I am sure, each one of us has experienced this at least once… The same technique can be applied for fixing a powder blush or eye shadow, too. Read on to know more…

Things needed to Repair a Broken Compact

  • Plastic wrap (optional)
  • Clean spoon / butter knife
  • Surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol, it is readily available at regular drug stores. I was lucky enough to find it in the hospital, I work for. Saved some money :p
  • Patience last it needs a couple of hours !!

How to Repair a Broken Compact

  • Use the back of a clean spoon to uniformly powder or mash up the chunks of your broken compact to a loose powder. You are basically converting your compact from a pressed powder to a loose dusting powder, You may place a plastic wrap over it to avoid spillage. I did not feel the need to.

How to Repair a Broken Compact

  • After you have powdered the entire compact. Press it on the surface using the spoon to press and settle the powder back In the container. Have a look at the pics, you will figure out what I am talking about.

How to Repair a Broken Compact

  •  After your powder has settled, pour one cap of surgical alcohol on the powder and let the alcohol seep through and wet your compact.

How to Repair a Broken Compact

  • Now again, smoothen the surface with your finger tip or a butter knife.

How to Repair a Broken Compact

  • Let it stay undisturbed for a couple of hours. You may air dry or sun dry your compact. The alcohol evaporates and the compact solidifies to assume a cake form, just like earlier.

How to Repair a Broken Compact

It might retain some smell of spirit for a couple of days. You can keep it open to air and the smell would go away, eventually. The compact is perfect for use, texture and shade wise. Ideally, use it after a day or two when the entire spirit has gone.

This procedure would restore your broken makeup compact to it’s former state. However, you will not get it’s fragrance back. Still, I feel , it is a good bargain. Something is better than nothing  🙂

I really hope, you found this tutorial helpful. So go fix some broken goodies. Let me know about your outcomes, if you try it. Eagerly waiting for your comments 🙂

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Pearl is from Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.


  1. so useful and I don mind the smell since the compact gets repaired jus one question though will it be safe to use on the skin

  2. wow good post 🙂 a very useful for me becoz It always happens with me

  3. Thank you girls.. yes, it is safe, since we are using rubbing alcohol. I have been using it and found it fine. just leave it open to air till the smell is entirely gone that ensures that the spirit has evaporated completely. However, if you have very very sensitive skin.. Do a patch test on your jaw line before using it.

  4. Interesting ! Such a useful info !

  5. It is really awesome way of fixing broken compacts.. I hv fixed even blushes, eye shadows. etc 😉 Great post dear 🙂

  6. Thanks Himani..

  7. Thats a really useful way, thanks for sharing dear 🙂

  8. Wow!! such a wonderful tip!

  9. sindhura gurazada

    wow.. amazing .!

  10. Wat a tip 🙂 very good !!

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