3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Makeup Tested on Animals

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Makeup Tested on Animals – It’s 2019 and animal testing is still a big issue, although many people are choosing to live cruelty-free lifestyles. Today, there are so many alternatives to animal testing that the companies who are still testing on animals are willingly ignoring – and this is a decision that many have chosen not to support. You can decide to say no to animal testing and make a statement by switching to cruelty-free products. The market is filling up with so many high-quality cruelty-free options that it isn’t hard to make the switch, but in case you need to know more, here are few reasons why you shouldn’t buy makeup tested on animals.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Makeup Tested on Animals

Animal testing is unnecessary

In 2019, animal testing really does not serve a purpose. It was created to ensure that ingredients are safe for human use, but there are many alternatives for testing ingredients safely. Science even favors in vitro testing over animal testing due to it being more conclusive.

When companies choose the ingredients to use, there is already a list of over 7,000 ingredients that are proven safe. Choosing from this extensive list eradicates the need for animal testing. It is only when companies want new innovative ingredients that will drive more profit that they look for ingredients not included in this list.

Many brands are now using non-toxic natural ingredients that are inherently cruelty-free. With so many rich resources in our environment, why do we need harsh chemicals that require animal testing? Natural ingredients work often better for us. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it and fragrances and paraben do not do us any favours.

Animal testing is extremely cruel

Labs that carry out animal testing use terribly small cages for animals. They keep the animals in horrific conditions. The tests usually leave the animals in pain and with horrific injuries. They are consistently tortured until maimed and blinded and eventually killed. Despite animal abuse laws, laboratory animals come in a special legal category that allows this cruelty. This makes little sense as the law protects pet mice, rabbits, cats and dogs from harm, but not those same animals in a lab environment. It may shock you to find out that cats and dogs are commonly used for lab tests.

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Shopping cruelty-free really does make a difference

When you buy a cruelty-free product instead of one that tests on animals, you send a bold message to the industry. Money is the most important factor for these companies. And when you choose not to spend your money on them it makes a statement. More and more consumers are boycotting cruel companies and this is beginning to make big changes to the world.

There is a huge range of options when it comes to cruelty-free products. A bit of research will show that some of your regular products might even already be cruelty-free. According to Adore Beauty, as many as 36% of women only bought from brands who didn’t test on animals. It is no longer a limiting lifestyle and the consumers don’t even have to make big sacrifices in making the switch.

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