Reasons Why Cucumber is Your Skin’s Best Friend

Hello girls! In summer cucumber is very easily accessible; well I have seen that in metro cities it is available throughout the year. So this fruit is quite cheap and we all can have this easily. It is not only good for our skin but helps us to stay healthy too. It keeps our body hydrated and helps us to avoid from getting sick. So I decided to give a treat to myself and to all my lovely readers with this post Reasons Why Cucumber is Your Skin’s Best Friend.

Reasons Why Cucumber is Your Skins Best Friend

Cucumbers are good for our skin and health; it gives a treat to our whole body. It is must have in summers especially. It contains more than 95% of water and other ingredients which are necessary for our skin. It has a rich content of vitamin C which helps us to soothe our skin and make it look younger. It helps to replenish the skin tissues and avoids pre ageing of skin. It helps in reducing the redness of skin due to heat of sun. it not only gives refreshment to your skin but also clears the dirt out of your pores and make your skin glowing. Cucumber helps to take out toxic from a bodily fluid and make our skin healthy from inside. It is very helpful in removing puffy eyes. Even it can help you to reduce dark lines. So let us see?Reasons Why Cucumber is Your Skin’s Best Friend

Removes Sun Tan

Cucumber helps you to remove tanning. This happens because cucumber has a high content of anti oxidants and citrus juice which fight against the sun and gives you tan free look. You can use cucumber toner and moisturizer for this purpose

Removes Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Cucumber is proving to best suited for eyes; it helps not only in reducing dark circles around your eyes but also removes puffiness near eyes. For this purposes you can use or make your own cucumber ice cubes and rub it around your eyes twice a day to get rid of dark circle and puffiness.

Why Cucumber is good for Skin

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Reduces Fine Lines

Use cucumber paste to lighten your skin tone. It helps to remove blemishes and improves your complexion. I generally use cucumber face packs for this purpose. I go for home made one.


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Benefits of cucumber for skin

Avoids Wrinkles

Cucumber tightens your skin and makes it look younger. This property of cucumber helps you to get rid of wrinkles, well I feel instead of getting rid of wrinkles one must avoid them by using cucumber juices and gels.

Gives Healthy and Refreshed Skin

After all it is full of water, and in summer you need more amount of water. This will keep your skin hydrated and make it glowing radiant throughout the day. I use to drink 3 to 4 cups of cucumber juice for this purpose.

Well friends cucumber is a king in itself we can say goodbye to all our skin problems if we regularly intake cucumber in our diet and use it strictly for our skin daily. Hope you all agree with my post. Let me know what you all feel about cucumber.

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  1. More reasons to love cucumber now…

  2. I use it infrequently during summers and it works qonders in cooling parched and sunburnt skin.

  3. Cucumbers are best for summer. It maintain our skin hydrated 🙂 🙂

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