Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26. The harsh rays of the sun are the main reason behind skin issues like pigmentation, freckles, sunburns, skin discoloration etc. While the effects of skin tan is not difficult to reverse as we have plethora of home remedies listed here plus several tan removal ready to use products, other sun attacks on the skin in the form of pigmentation and early skin aging needs professional efforts and money drainage to rewind. Thus instead of letting this viscous circle mess up our life it is always better to use a sunscreen and stay sun safe.

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 Review

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 is a gel based sunscreen especially formulated for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive perspiration. It has the goodness of zinc oxide gel, octinoxate, avobenzone and oxibenzone which helps create a protective shield on the skin against the harsh rays of the sun. A sunscreen needs to be reapplied after heavy sweating or swimming etc. Ranbaxy products are widely available in all medicine outlets. Scroll down below to read Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 Review.

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 pack

Price of Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 : Rs.299/- for 100 ml

Direction for use :

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 caution and directions for use

Ingredients :
Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 ingredients

Shelf life: 1 yr 5 months

Color : White

Smell: Pleasant

What Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 claims

Specially suited for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive sweating

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 swatch

My experience with Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26

Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 has a unique squeeze bottle packaging which is opaque and looks decent. The packaging is not spill proof or travel friendly. It is better to keep the bottle horizontally on the shelf or else some of the product oozes out of the opening and creates a dirty mess near the cap. While travelling make sure to seal it properly and wrap it separately in polythene to prevent the lotion from staining clothes etc. The good thing is that one bottle lasts for months plus the price tag is nothing compared to other effective anti sun products.

The consistency Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26?has is thick and creamy, it says gel but it does not resemble one. One needs to squeeze out the required quantity and then apply and then blend it properly. Being thick it takes time to properly get absorbed into the skin but surprisingly it vanishes without creating whitish cast. Skin looks dewy and fresh but this might look oily on excessively oily skin so make sure that you dab some pressed powder over it. Only thing is that one has to blend the lotion with light massage and not pull the skin across which sets the products right.

Once applied its effects stay until one sweats out excessively or comes in contact with water. My skin remains sun safe and free from sun burns too. Apart from the blending part there is not much to complain as Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 does not clog the pores or cause breakouts. It is a regular sunscreen in a gel form but SPF 26 is too low as minimum SPF 30 and broad spectrum protection is what we require. If someones skin is not extremely sun intolerant and it simply needs something promising with little SPF content then this can be a good pick for them.

Overall Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26 is a regular gel based anti sun lotion which keeps skin sun safe and does not clog pores too.

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Good about Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26

  • No whitish cast
  • Lives up to its promise
  • Skin remains free from sunburns and taning
  • Gel based formula
  • Suitable for oily and combination skin
  • Does not cause breakouts

Bad about?Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26

  • Packaging is messy and not travel friendly
  • Spf 26 is too low protection. No broad spectrum or UVA/UVB protection mentioned
  • Needs a little efforts to blend in completely
  • On oily skin, the finish looks oily unless set with loose powder
  • Combination skin beauties need a proper moisturizer along with this as at times it makes skin feel a little stretchy

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5

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