Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash Review

How happy I am to be able to write a review for BeautifulHameshaBlog right again! Was so sparse of time these days that went by. At last, the weddings over, and my sis is happy in her new home! So now that I’ve time, I’ll write Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash Review. The face wash was siting in my bathroom cabinet for the past 20 or so days. This too, was a recommendation from my skin doctor, to treat the comedrones I’ve over my face.

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash Review

After my recent appointment with the doctor, about which you already know, I got seriously in action, but what interrupted was this wedding event, which has disbalanced the routine. But now that the wedding is over and I am back, routine will resume again! So here I go, Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash Review. Read on to know is it a savior or disaster.

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash pack

Price of Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash : Rs.188/- for 60 gm

Directions for use :

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash direction for use

Ingredients :
Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash ingredients

Shelf life : Probably 2 years

Color : Transparent

Smell : Slightly minty

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash opening

What Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash claims

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash claims

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash swatch

My experience with Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash

What attracted me most will go first – the packaging. In a cutie pie tube, which is designed in mixed blue and white shades, squeezes out jelly-like transparent face wash. Never ever should you be dreaming this face wash to lather up, because that’s impossible!

I’ll have to say that Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash has contributed a lot in reducing my acne. Though, not literally by reducing it, by controlling it. I mean, it isn’t going to help you much in reducing an already-there acne, but will completely guard your face from new-born acne! Sounds so gorgeous!

This quite clarifies it all, as Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash is not more than an average player in cleansing. So, without any doubt, it won’t be able to remove old acne. But something about the formula just acts as an antidote against the comedrones I have. But mind you, this face wash won’t be much recommendable to people with really serious acne.

Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash suits my dry skin really well! Though, winters will recommend you to apply a bit of moisturizer after washing. The quantity, which seems huge, isn’t so actually; probably lasting for 15-20 days. Not so moderately priced, yet, I owe every penny to Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash! Yeah, I do!

Light-acners, sit back and relax! Out from a chemist shop, Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash has acted nothing less than a professional product! Sorry the serious-acners, you need to do some more research! Again, I owe every penny!

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Good about Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash

  • Completely guards skin from comedrones and light acne
  • Light gel formula
  • Cool design
  • Nice minty fragrance
  • Worth all the money

Bad about Ranbaxy Speelac Face Wash

  • Doesn’t lather much (I don’t care)
  • Wont much affect acne thats already there
  • Won’t be a good idea for serious-acners

Availability : In most chemist stores and some online sites

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.6/5

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  1. this seems really good for acne skins 🙂 Nice pics

    • Thankyou so much, Kiran!! 🙂 🙂 Yeah, thats true! People can stop acne from growing if this is used from the beginning! 🙂

  2. Haven’t ever seen or heard of this face wash…looks nice….

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