Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies

Hi girls! Today I will be sharing some Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies. Many at times, we end up with makeup mistakes or face various beauty emergencies. Suppose you are getting ready for an evening date and your lipstick isn’t showing up properly on the lips, or probably a bad hair day, clumpy eyelashes, or may be you got a broken nail. What to do? Cancel the date? Never! During such situations, we look for quick fixes. Gone are the days when we could spend long hours to solve our beauty concerns! Today’s fast paced lifestyle demands quick solution. In this post, I will be revealing some Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies which are not only simple, but can save a lot of your time too. So lets get started πŸ™‚

Quick Fixes For Beauty Emergencies

Quick Fix for Greasy Skin

Take a small spray bottle and fill it with rose water and skin toner (specially meant for dry skin). Spray it on the face and wipe with a tissue ans see, how fresh and clean your face looks. Keep this bottle with you while going out. This will help you to keep your face clean and dry on the go.

Quick Fix for Broken Nail

If you have broken your nail, then no need to cut it. Just file it gently with a nail filer to give it an even shape.

Quick Fix for Dry lips

Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies

Mix some sugar and honey and exfoliate your lips with it. Simply massage your lips gently with it for 5 minutes. This will remove the dry , flaky skin and make your lips soft and supple.

Quick Fix for Undone Hair

If you are having a bad hair day, then just grab your hair and tie them up in a high pony. Make a front hair puff and you are ready to rock. This is a great hairdo for a quick chic look.


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Quick Fix for Pigmented Lips

how to fix Beauty Emergencies

Due to pigmented lips, we often find that our lipstick is not giving you the exact color what can be seen on the bullet. There’s a simple trick for it. Apply concealer on the lips and then apply lipstick on top of the concealer.

Quick Fix for Smelly Underarms

Tips For Beauty Emergencies

Ran out of your deo and forgot to buy it last evening? Don’t worry. Rub a thin slice of lemon on your underarms. This will kill all the bacteria and relieve you from the odor of sweat.

Quick Fix for Bad Breath

Mix lemon juice and 1 tbsp of vinegar in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with this. This mixture is rich in citric acid which will kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Quick Fix for Clumpy Eyelashes

easy ways to fix Beauty Emergencies

If your mascara got stuck to your lashes, then instead of ruining your entire makeup, just grab a toothpic and gently separate your clumpy eye lashes.

Quick Fix for ‘No lipstick’

Running out of lipstick? Never fear! For a soft and sensual look, dab some cream blushes on the lips. For a glossy look, top your blush with a gloss or lip balm. It can work in reverse too. Use lipstick as blush. Since lipstick is much more pigmented, so start with a tiny dab and gradually increase the color if required. Apply a bit of moisturizer on your finger tips for easy blending.

Today’s world is all about smartness. And these?Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies are nothing but smart tips that will address most of your beauty concerns. Hope you enjoyed my post today πŸ™‚ See you soon πŸ™‚


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  1. very nice article Rashmita.
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    • Thanks GK πŸ™‚ Kiran has been very busy these days, hopefully things will get back to normal very soon πŸ™‚

  2. A much needed article….Really an emergency requirement

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