How to Prevent Split Ends

Hair beautifies any lady’s persona.. It is aptly called a girl’s crowning beauty. How to Prevent Split Ends is a big question. Knowingly or unknowingly, we damage our hair by use of styling tools, styling products and exposing it to the harsh environment. One very common hair trouble is split ends. Split ends result when the damaged ends of the hair fray and split into too making the hair fragile. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent and tackle this hair care concern. Read on to know more about these simple and easy tips and tricks.

How to Prevent Split Ends

Tips to Prevent Split Ends

1. Avoid excessive use of heating tools
Even if you get tempted to blow dry your hair early in mornings, especially in winters… try and avoid it. Heat causes your hair to thin out As far ad possible, stay away from straightening irons and curling tools. In fact, even towel drying of hair too vigorously can cause damage. Just wrap a towel around to soak excess water and let your hair air dry.

2. Do not over brush your hair.
It is a common myth that brushing your hair with hundred strokes at night would give you long and lustrous hair. Well, this is false instead you will end up with split ends that in fact retard growth of your hair.

3. Nutritious Diet
Consume a well balanced diet consisting of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Pulses, sprouts, eggs, fish, nuts are all said to improve the texture and quality of your hair.

4. Use leave in conditioners
These kind of conditioners work way better than the conventional ones that get rinsed off. Leave in conditioners protect your hair for longer from sun damage and pollution damage.

5. Change your shampoo
Use hydrating shampoos instead of drying ones and focus on cleansing the scalp region rather than the entire length. It is the scalp where all the oil, grime and chemical build up is present. Also, do not use hard water for washing your hair.

6. Hot oil treatments
You may use almond oil, olive oil or sesame oil for this. Warm up a little oil and massage it thoroughly into the scalp as well as the length of your hair. Let it seep in better by steaming your hair or wrapping a warm water towel over your hair. Also, if you can invest in expensive oils then Argon and macadamia oil are found to be really effective.

7. Aloe vera
Aloe vera cools down your scalp and helps in mending the split ends along the length by acting as a glue. Stay away from chemical laden sprays, serums, hair colour and styling products

8. Professional help
You may seek professional help like repairative hair spa and  Keratin treatment that is an excellent solution of the split end menace.

9. Chop it off 

If your hair are too damaged then it is best to chop off tge damaged chunk of hair and let it grow

Some hair packs you may use to Prevent Split Ends

  • A mix of churned papaya puree and yoghurt.
  • A mix of banana and honey.
  • Warm castor oil mixed with almond oil.
  • Pure Beer
  • Avocado honey hair mask
  • Mayonnaise mixed with deep conditioner
  • Squeeze out 3 to 5 capsules of vitamin E in warm olive oil and massage over split ends.
  • You can deep condition your hair by making a hair pack out of aloe vera gel, honey and any conditioner and rinse it off after half an hour.

All these packs if used regularly are sure to give you shiny, lustrous hair and repair your split ends over a period of time and some effort.

Hope, you found the article useful 🙂

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