Ponds Silk Cream Review

[kkstarratings]Ponds is a very popular brand in India. Who doesn’t know ponds here? I mean we have grown up with this brand and the trust factor that it holds in the Indian population is just amazing. Few days ago ponds introduced this silk cream and I was dying to use it. So after using it for a week here is my review.Read the review to find out.

Ponds Silk Cream Review


Ponds Silk Cream

Price of Ponds Silk Cream

Rs.125/- for 100 ml

Key Ingredients and direction for using of Pond’s Silk Cream


Ponds col cream Cream Review

Shelf Life of Ponds Silk Cream

3 years

Color of Ponds Silk Cream


Smell of Ponds Silk Cream


Ponds Cream Review



What Ponds Silk Cream Claims

Whether your skin is oily, normal or dry, changes in the weather can leave the skin dull, dehydrated and unbalanced. A good moisturizer not only helps in restoring the much needed moisture balance in the skin but also helps in keeping the skin soft and smooth.

The new Pond’s Silk Cream is an all year round moisturiser, suitable for all skin types that keeps the skin soft and silky-smooth all day long. Its light texture and easily absorbing non-greasy formula makes it an ideal solution for your daily moisturizing needs. The cream is also a great companion for the winter, when skin needs maximum care and nourishment.

swatch of Ponds Silk Cream

Feel about Ponds Silk Cream

The new introduction to the ponds family comes in a very cute packaging. The bottle is stout and small. I take the travel pack usually as I carry it to office as well. The bottle is really nice and white in color. It doesn’t look cheap at all and it’s not even tacky. The lid is twisting open and it closes well so you can carry it around without any worries.

The color of the product is white. The bottle comes in different sizes and the quantity is enough for the price paid. The product feels like whipped cream. It’s very rich and creamy in texture. Its super smooth and easy to spread. It gets absorbed very quickly into the skin. I usually apply it around my eyes and lips white sleeping and within a week I could see the difference. My skin really feels hydrated and soft. The flakes around my mouth are totally gone. I really like it.

The cream is not greasy. So it can be used during day time as well. People with dry skin can use this cream throughout the year. I have combination skin and I am a bit skeptical about using it during the summers. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

Overall at this price I think this is definitely a good cream to try this winter.

Good about Ponds Silk Cream

  • Travel friendly
  • Contains milk nourishment
  • Good packaging
  • Doesn’t grease the skin
  • Makes skin soft and hydrated
  • Comes in different packs

Bad about Ponds Silk Cream

  • Cannot be used round the year by everyone
  • It’s not an all-purpose cream

Availability Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Nice one..the concept of silk in a cream makes it so tempting !!!

  2. Is it the same old cold cream type with a different name???

  3. Would love to use it for my elbows and knees. Lovely review Kiran 🙂

  4. the word silk itself tempts me. is it something similar to ponds oil control cream

  5. super tempting..nice review Avanti 🙂

  6. I love its cute packing:)

  7. The texture of ponds cream is very nice!
    Yeah as u mentioned it cannot be used by all skin types all year round! 🙂
    Nice review:)

  8. This seems nice for winter. I have oily skin, so guess I could try it as a hand cream.

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