Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash

Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash

hello beauties 🙂 It’s time to bid farewell to oily skin and stubborn pimples.
Presenting the all new Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash, which gives you the power to fight 10 oil & pimple problems in one go. Now unclog pores, remove impurities and welcome fairer radiant skin.

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Miss india 2013, 2nd runner-up endorsing The new range of Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash

  • Humidity can make your skin itchy, leading to redness of the skin and making it vulnerable to pimples.
  • Do you wish for clear, fresher, fairer skin?
  • Your one-stop solution to all your skin problems is going to be revealed
  • Pimples‬, dull skin & blemishes. What according to you is the best way to fight these skin woes?
  • Whiteheads & stubborn pimples are taking away your radiance?
  • Has that stubborn ‪‎pimple‬ finally left you with an ugly discolored spot on your face?
  • Are you looking for a face wash that gives you freedom from pimples, whiteheads or blackheads?
  • Is the humidity making your skin oily? Excess oil can lead to pimples and other related problems,
  • It’s the end of the week and you look tired & stressed but did you know stress worsens ‪‎pimples‬?
  • Every girl’s wish is to find that one product that puts an end to most of her skin problems. Don’t you feel the same?

Stop worrying! As a new product that fights 10 oil & pimple problems is set

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  1. Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash, from where i can buy this new ponds face wash

  2. I tried so many product to resolve my pimple problems but there is no any good result. Due to pimple on my face showing small small spots so pls suggest is this ponds pimple clear white product will help me to resolve my problem.

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