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Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc Review – Hello Readers! What is a summer staple product for you? Well, I know many of you will reply scarves, sunscreen but there is something which comes way ahead of all this. It is actually one of the summer essentials. Yes, girls you guessed it right. Today I am talking about the talcum powders. My mom used to apply this on my body since childhood and we can say that I am literally addicted to this. So, let’s see Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc Review.

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc Review

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc Review

Without a talcum powder I feel all sweaty and uncomfortable in the summers. So, post shower, when your body dries out apply talcum powder. And let it set for some minutes. Wait for a minute or two and then wear clothes. Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc will keep you all refreshed and sweat free for long in this scorching summers in India. This time I went ahead and bought this extremely popular Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc. Read the review ahead to find out if the product is worth your purchase or not.

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Price of Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Rs. 201 for 400 Grams

Directions to use of Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Post shower let your body air dry. Twist the opening of the. Apply the power directly on your body. Shake the bottle on underarms, neck, legs and anywhere else you feel. Let it set for 5-7 minutes. Then wear your clothes.

Details of Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Shelf Life : 24 months from the date of packaging

Colour : white

Smell : floral

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc Claims

Feel the magic of the fresh fragrance brought you by Ponds Magic Freshness Talc. Use Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc and stay fresh for the whole day with its pleasing smell. This Pond’s Magic Talc provides sheen and a smooth finish to the skin and enhances the beauty of the wearer. It is also known for its skin friendliness, soothing fragrance and softness. Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc comes with Distinct & modern dispensing mechanism. A reliable product to take care of your bad odour with its Enhanced & irresistible fragrance. Ponds has been knowing for its quality product since ages.

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

My Experience with Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc comes in a fresh summer packaging. The bottle is blue and white in colour which has all the product details mentioned all over it. The packaging is travel friendly since it is medium in size and light weight. Also, you need to twist the opening at the top so that the power is accessible. So, there is no chance of the powder spilling out in case of travel.

Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc is in white colour. It is in powdered form and the granules are small but creamy in nature. I feel it is somewhat moisturizing to your skin too. When you apply the powder to your skin my skin feels soft and silky.

And coming to the bigger part because of which talcum powders were used years back was fairness. Yes, years back when we didn’t have BB creams and foundations, girls used to apply talcum powders on their face and neck to look fair. So, if we compare Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc in that regard then this one is average. Yes, it gives you a fair look but that looks whitewashed. So, take care you pick up only a little product and blend it well. As far as the aroma of is concerned, it is extremely fresh. It smells heavenly and overall in summers the feeling is great.

Overall, Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc is a nice talcum powder at this price. But today you have got so many options in terms of fairness creams that I would like to skip this one and stick to BB creams only. But a worth try only as the talcum powders.

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Good about Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

1. Trustworthy brand
2. Inexpensive
3. Easily available
4. Safe packaging
5. Moisturizing
6. Gives fair look
7. Nice aroma

Bad About Pond’s Magic Freshness Talc

1. Makes you look whitewashed

Availability : easy

BHB Rating : 3/5

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  1. Hello sir,Im a new user of ponds powder.a male for that.does applying the powder on armpits in other to control sweating and stay fresh save for me regarding cancer?.the product worked for me and I love it .

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