Pik Studios Eyeliner Review

Hello Readers, I am back with Pik Studios Eyeliner Review. Eyeliner has been staple in my makeup kit since ages. Looking back, during my schooldays I used to sneak out eye liner from my mothers vanity box and tried applying it like a pro only to end up with panda eye makeup look. I had got my first kajal in junior college but avoided a liquid liner because applying it wasn’t my cup of tea. However I was pretty happy since sketch liners got launched and till now I have used, reused and switched between several brands. This time I saw a new one online -?Pik Studios Eyeliner. Read to know how this Pik Studios Eyeliner fared for me.

Pik Studios Eyeliner Review

Pik Studios is a brand which mainly focuses on youth, their likes and designs products keeping in mind finest quality at an affordable range. Pik Studios Eyeliner is a revolution biding goodbye to chalky kajal sticks and inconvenient liquid liners. Striking a perfect balance with a range natural beauty products which helps represent individual personality, this brand promises to become the most promising entrant in the beauty industry. So, check out Pik Studios Eyeliner Review to know if its worth picking or not.

Pik Studios Eyeliner look

Price of Pik Studios Eyeliner : Rs.150/- only

Directions for use : not mentioned

Ingredients :
Pik Studios Eyeliner ingredients

Pik Studios Eyeliner

Shelf life: 3 years

Color : Black

Smell: None

Pik Studios Eyeliner tip

What Pik Studios Eyeliner claims

  • Gone are the days when your only hope for expressive eye make up was a tryst with chalky kajal sticks and leaky liquid liners
  • PiK STUDiO, the industry’s latest and arguably the most vibrant entrant promises to change this for the forseeable future
  • The eyeliner by PiK STUDiO not only promises the blackest black but also make up that is Quick Drying, Smudge Proof and Long Lasting
  • Pik STUDiO aims to strike a chord with the youth by creating products that reflect their tastes and attitude and at the same time offer quality that is at par with the finest in the world
  • All to look beautiful morning to night
  • Our range enhances your natural beauty and gives you the freedom to express your individual radiant personality

Pik Studios Eyeliner swatch

Pik Studios Eyeliner on me

My experience with Pik Studios Eyeliner

Pik Studios Eyeliner is sketch pen eyeliner in a black case -yellow bottom which is extremely lightweight to hold. This is the slimmest pen eyeliner I have come across and feels like holding a sketch pen actually. The liner tip being pointed is extremely convenient for drawing precise lines as claimed. At present this liner is exclusively online and what is most interesting is that its launch price was just Rs.10/-

To start with the color pay off is not blackest black as claimed, rather its a regular black shade which gives an decent glossy finish in first few uses. Once applied Pik Studios Eyeliner actually sets in immediately and does not budge for a long time. Thus it is indeed quick drying and non smudging as promised. The tip of this eyeliner?apt for creating any look whether regular or extended liner like cat eye or Arabian look and even the applicator glides more or less smoothly. However Pik Studios Eyeliner loses it intense color pay off after 4-5 uses itself and it becomes extremely difficult to work with. After first few uses the pigmentation gets so bad that it looks fade black instead of blackest black even after multiple swipes (Check EOTD).

In one line this Pik Studios Eyeliner is one of the most disappointing liners I have come across. Imagine a product which dries up in a short while even after storing horizontally as claimed. Another con is that the eyeliner does not fade after a few hours rather it disappears from a few places and it appears patchy. To make matters worse it is again difficult to do a touch up without removing the previous eyeliner. Being long lasting the leftover eyeliner survives up to two days if not removed with a strong makeup remover. I really do not find anything to look forward to in this Pik Studios Eyeliner which actually gets finished in a few uses. At this same price there are other sketch liners available which deliver better results.

Overall Pik Studios Eyeliner is an absolute waste of money because it dries up within 4-5 uses and there is nothing to look forward to.

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Good about Pik Studios Eyeliner

  • Smudge free
  • Sets in quickly
  • Lightweight body

Bad about?Pik Studios Eyeliner

  • Dries up within 4-5 uses
  • Gets patchy as it disappears from certain places after a few hours
  • Difficult to remove the leftover liner without strong makeup remover
  • Loses its pigmentation and looks fade black after first few uses
  • Absolute wastage of money

Availability: Purplle.com

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 1/5

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  1. Such a poor product

  2. Beautiful EOTD Juthika.

  3. Its looking like sketch pen not makeup tool 😉

  4. It’s sad that you barely get 4-5 uses out of this.

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