Perfect Outfits for Summer Outings

Summer is in its full glory. Summer means fresh fruits, tasty summer drinks, holidaying on any exotic locations. But like every coin has two sides, summer is another name of heat, humidity and sweat. And this heat, sweat and sun are enough to drive us crazy. Summer is the trickiest of all seasons. Not only it calls for special care for our skin, hair and overall health, but our clothes also need special attention. So lets check Perfect Outfits for Summer Outings.

Perfect Outfits for Summer OutingsWe often go holidaying on exotic beaches during summer. Hanging out with friends never stops. Also summer is a wedding season. Lots of invitations and parties are very closely associated with summer.  And then our Sunday special brunches! So outing will always be there. As much as we love going out, most of us often get worried about what to wear during such occasions. The sultry summer weather makes it difficult to keep up with fashion and look fresh. But does that mean we have to abandon all the outing during summer? Never!! Here we have brought up a few ideas of perfect outfits for summer outings that will make you stay cool, comfortable and stylish in summer. So let’s check them out 🙂

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Emphasize on your personality & style for perfect outfits for summer outings

Personality & style are two most important factors before choosing any outfit. Personality & style varies from person to person. So think what works for you. Don’t follow the trend blindly. Ditch anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how much it’s in vogue. Always trust your favorite classic outfits, classics never go out of fashion. Be yourself, because that makes you feel most comfortable. And when you feel good, you look good.
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Pay attention to color for perfect outfits for summer

White is the best color for summer because it looks feminine and super fresh. As we all know, light colored dresses are best for summer, especially during daytime because they make it easier to deal with the scorching rays of sun. Go for colors like pink, light blue, beige, yellow and other light shades. In the evening, you can choose bold shades like orange, dark pink, purple or even black.
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Perfect daytime outfits for summer outings

Be careful while choosing your outfit on a summer day. Cotton should be the preferred fabric for summer, always. Cotton helps skin to breathe. Moreover cotton is a good absorbent of water & so it absorbs sweat and helps body to stay cool. Avoid synthetic materials. Wear loose clothes.

If you are going for a daytime engagement/wedding, go with a cotton maxi type outfit. A floral printed maxi looks chic and attractive. Or wear a gorgeous long skirt and pair it with a spaghetti top. A short, sleeveless frock is another great option. Again, go with cute floral prints. A matching clutch and a pair of metallic strappy sandal will complete the look. And if you want to go classic, a cotton salwar kameez will never let you down.

For a ‘Sunday brunch’ type outing, choose light clothes, but the color should be bright. Wear a short floral skirt with a tank top. Alternatively, go with a layered short skirt and pair it up with a cute tee. Shorts are best for summer. Pair it up with a striped fancy top or a white button up blouse or whatever your favorite top is. If you love wearing long skirts, wear it with a white/off white cotton peasant top. Capri pants are another excellent option for warm weather. Pair it up with a short sleeve floral top or a tank top and a lovely hat. Gladiator type sandals work best with most of these outfits.

Sundresses are perfect if you decide to go to beach.  Choose a cute, floral printed sundress. Or throw on a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top. Accessorize with a big hat and your favorite shades.
Perfect Outfits for Summer Outings

Perfect evening/night outfits for summer outings

Choosing outfits for summer nights or evenings are much easier. If you are hanging out with friends, wear a sleeveless kurta & pair with a printed leggings/jeans. You can also opt for one shoulder top and wear it with jeans/short skirt or a denim shorts. Or probably thrown on a blue shorts, a dark colored top and pair it up with a white lace jacket. White jacket will add a touch of elegance to your look. A tank top, paired with harem pants looks cool too. Don’t forget to jazz up your look with lots of bangles.

For a friendly get together or a family dinner, opt for a sleeveless frock or a three quarter sleeve lace dress. A cute chic belt will enhance the look. A knee length skirt with a sleeveless top or a long tiered skirt & a three quartered sleeve top would look good too. Accessorize this look with a few bangles and a lovely neckpiece.

While going for a function or a wedding in the evening, choose classic. A chiffon georgette saree would look awesome. Lightweight, easy to carry yet gives a stylish look. A gorgeous cotton salwar kameez would be a cool idea too. For parties, opt for sleeveless or one shoulder gowns in light colors like white or light green. They look super stylish, feminine and best for summer evenings.
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Few additional tips

  • A pair of white pants is a must have in your summer wardrobe. Go for fabrics like cotton. Pair them with bright tee-shirts.
  • Buy a few basic white t-shirts and tank tops to pair them up with shorts, denims and your capris.
  • Summer hats are one of the must have accessories. They not only give you a ‘cute chic’ look, but also protect your hair and skin from the heat. The wide brimmed hats look best.
  • Never forget to wear your favorite shades. They not only make you look stylish, but also protect the delicate area around your eyes from the harsh effects of sun.
  • Complement your summer look with a beautiful scarf.
  • Bags are an important part of your summer look. Try to avoid your big black leather handbag in summer. Varieties of jute & canvas bags with beautiful embroidery are available in the market, which are a great option for an all day outing. For short outings, choose a small handbag. For events like party or wedding, don’t forget to carry a matching clutch.
  • Since summer calls for light colored clothes, so add a zing to your look with lots of bangles & a lovely trendy neckpiece.
  • Go for light and fresh fragrances in summer.

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I hope you like my post today. These ideas must have provided you lots of options for your summer outing. Just remember, whatever you choose to wear, carry yourself with confidence and you are ready to rock the season with your cool, comfy fashionista look 🙂

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