Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review – Hello girls! Its time for another review and it is Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review this time. During my recent Patanjali Beauty Products Haul, I bought this cream. Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream is a recent launch by Patanjali. It is important to start anti ageing skin care in our twenties. The preventive care and treatment will help our skin to maintain its youthful glow for long. In the name of anti ageing skin care, we often expose our skin to strong chemical compositions which actually harm our skin in the long run. Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream, being a herbal formulation, is totally safe for skin.

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream is enriched with natural oils peptides, herbs and fruit extracts that rejuvenates the skin. It is an intense moisturizing formula that improves skin’s firmness, neutralize environmental damages as well as reduce the wrinkles. The cream is a powerful formulation of active anti ageing ingredients that promises to give wrinkle free fair skin. I have used this cream for some time and now I am ready to share my experience. So lets check out my Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Review to find out how did it fare for me.

Price of Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream :

Rs.300/- for 15 gm

Direction for use : apply like a face cream

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream Ingredients : check my video below

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream

Shelf life :

Color : white

Smell : strong lavender smell

What Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream claims

Saundarya Anti Aging Cream: For wrinkles free fair skin. Powerfully active age define formulation with natural oils peptides, herbs & fruit extracts that reawakens the skin through luxuriously moisturizing & improving firmness, visibly reducing wrinkles & neutralizing environmental damages.

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream tub

My experience with Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream has a lovely packaging. It comes in a tiny silver colored tub which looks very beautiful. The tub has an outer cardboard packaging. The outer box carries all the details regarding the product. The screw open cap closes tightly, making it travel friendly.

Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream is white in color and has light, creamy consistency. Coming to the smell, it has a strong lavender smell, which I don’t really like. The fragrance gives me mild headache. The cream spreads nicely on my face and it is easy to blend. But it leaves behind an oily feeling. I have dry skin and this cream makes my face oily upon application. So, oily skin beauties should stay away from this!! And its strong smell lingers on for sometime, which feels irritating to me.

I have used Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream for a week. It has slightly improved my skin texture and didn’t break me out. But apart from that, it hasn’t done anything for me. Neither it worked on my marks and blemishes nor it made my face glowing. I have few fine lines on my eye area. This cream did nothing on those fine lines too. Probably, it will take some time to show its anti ageing action. But it was getting tough for me to deal with the oily skin it gave me and its strong smell. So I had to stop using it.

Overall, Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream is a nice product. It is enriched with some amazing ingredients that are known for anti ageing benefits. But it has strong smell which bothers me a lot, plus it makes my skin oily. I won’t recommend it to you guys. But if you still want to give it a try, get it at your own risk.

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Good about Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream

  • Lovely packaging
  • Soft, creamy texture
  • Easy to spread n the skin
  • Gets blended nicely
  • Contains some amazing natural ingredients

Bad about Patanjali Saundarya Anti Aging Cream

  • Too strong smell
  • Makes my skin oily upon application

Availability : easy

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 3/5

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  1. Oily finish is totally no no fr me 🙁

  2. Hi may I not the patan jail saundraya cream it sale in Malaysia

  3. Please without checking dnt buy patanjali anti aging cream. I bought it of 300RS n the date is nt expired bt cream in it ws expired. I inform the saler bt they didnt accept it saying it cnt b replaced n I LOST MY 300 RS. SO MY REVIEW IS DNT BUY B4 CHECKING ANY PATANJALI PRODUCT. ITS MY REQUEST TO ALL.

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