Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review – Hello Girls 🙂 Today is my post about Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review. For bathing I love shower cream or gel and I don’t like bathing soap. But I have soft corner in my heart for patanjali products because they are natural and chemical free. So I thought lets use this Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser too. This was brought by my hubby for me because he knows I love products that contain rose. Believe me when I saw this rose body cleanser I got excited to use it as soon as possible.

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review

Rose always known for freshness and rose extracts makes skin glowing and healthy looking. I love to use rose water as skin toner and I love using rose in my skin care routine. This Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser claims to nourish and rejuvenate the skin by removing dullness and dryness. Apart from rose, this body cleanser is enriched with the goodness of some amazing natural ingredients like tulsi, neem, turmeric, Aloe vera etc. After using it for quite some time now, I am ready to share Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Review. So lets get started.

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser packaging

Price of Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser :

Rs.45/- for 125 gm

Ingredients and Direction for use :

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser ingredient

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : rose pink

Smell : fresh rose

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser Soap

What Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser claims

Useful in rejuvenating, nourishing & glorifying the skin. Useful in removing dryness and roughness of skin.

Patanjali Rose Body soap

My Experience with Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser

The Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser comes wrapped in a transparent plastic. On the back, the ingredients, usage instruction etc are printed. The soap is square shaped. The packaging is very basic. I would have liked a little better something in terms of packaging.

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser is lovely pink in color. It smells like roses. If you are a fan of rose fragrance, you are going to love this for sure. The soap is soft and can be cut in half easily with a blunt knife. It is a glycerin based formula, but still it doesn’t get used up easily.

The soap lathers well and cleanses away all the dirt, grime and sweat without leaving behind any slippery feeling on the skin. Post shower, I feel fresh and clean. But unfortunately the lovely rose fragrance doesn’t stay on body for a long time.

Overall, Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser is a good soap for all skin types, specially dry skin. It nicely cleanses the body without drying the skin. The beautiful rose fragrance is absolutely wonderful.

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Good about Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser

  • Amazing rose fragrance
  • Glycerin based formula
  • Infused with the goodness of some amazing natural ingredients
  • Soft texture
  • Doesn’t melt easily
  • Nicely cleanses the skin
  • Doesn’t impart any dryness
  • Pocket friendly

Bad about Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser

  • Packaging could have been better
  • Fragrance doesn’t stay for long

Availability : easy

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 4/5

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  1. Sounds very interesting. …I love rose fragrance in products 🙂

  2. Looks like a nice body cleanser.

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