Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul

Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul – Hello all and I am back today with a new post. I am going to share my Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul in this post. Few days ago, I went to my local supermarket and bought a number of Patanjali and Shri Shri Ayurveda products. We all know about Patanjali, it doesn’t need any introduction. Shri Shri Ayurveda was started by Shri Shri Ravishankar. It offers effective herbal medicines, personal care products and food & nutritional products. Coming back to my haul post, I bought some freshly launched products from Patanjali and I am super excited to tell you about them. So let’s get started with my Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul.


Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul

Let’s talk about Patanjali products first.

Patanjali Herbal Mehandi (Rs.40/-) : I am going to give this Patanjali Mehandi to my mom. I have heard about this product a lot. So I would definitely ask my mom for feedback.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil (Rs.130/-) : This oil has many wonderful herbal ingredients, but surprisingly I haven’t heard good reviews of it. So this time, I thought of trying this out myself. Let’s see how it works for me.

Patanjali Rose Water (Rs.30/-) : You know that rose water is a must, must item in my beauty and skin care. And Patanjali Rose Water is one of my favorite. So had to take this one. Check review here

Patanjali Mustard Oil (Rs.125/-) : We all know that mustard oil is great for our health. And its equally good for our hair as well. If you are suffering from dandruff and hair fall, simply apply mustard oil twice or thrice a week on your hair and soon you will see amazing result.

Patanjali Daliya (Rs.40/-) : It is great for kids. I often cook it for Anika and if you want to know the recipe, do let me know 🙂

Patanjali atta noodles chatpata (Rs.15/-) : It is one my favorite noodles from Patanjali. This tastes great.

Patanjali Oats (Rs. 59/- each) : Patanjali has recently launched their oats in two flavors : tomato and masala. I don’t like Kellog’s oats, but suffola oats are my favorite. So this time I will be trying Patanjali oats. Also I bought the normal varient. But that’s not for eating, its for my skin. Oats have many skin benefits specially its an awesome scrubber for dry skin.

Patanjali anti dandruff shampoo (Rs.110/-) : It is one of the most affordable anti dandruff shampoos available in the market. Actually, Anika put it in my shopping basket and I had no idea when she did it!! Read review here

Patanjali Herbal Hand Wash (Rs.55/-) : This is again one of my favorite hand wash. I loved this hand wash, but then I switched to lifebuoy and now again I am back to Patanjali.

Patanjali Balm (Rs.40/-) : This gives relief from cold, cough and headache. It is safe for kids as well.

Patanjali dant Kanti Advance (Rs.90/-) : Patanjali already have a ‘Dant Kanti’ toothpaste, but this is the advanced version of it. I have already used this before and trust me guys, its amazing. Its one of the best toothpastes for our oral problem.

Patanjali Pushthar Daliya (Rs.40/) : Another great products for kids from Patanjali. It has an unique ‘ajwain’ flavor which makes it delicious.

Patanjali Hing (Rs.40/-) : I have been using hing since long time and its my husband’s favorite 🙂

Patanjali Tejas Tailam (Rs.60/-) : Hands down, one of the best body oils I have ever used. It is a must for dry skin. Not only it moisturizes the skin beautifully, but also gives a youthful look to the skin.

Patanjali Dhudh Biscuit (Rs. 10/-) : It is one of the new launches from Patanjali and let me tell you guys, it tastes better than Parle-G.

Patanjali aloe vera & Neem Face Pack (Rs.60/-) : I love using the Multani mitti face pack from Patanjali. So thought of trying this Patanjali aloe vera & Neem Face Pack as well. Review will be up soon.

Patanjali Body Lotion (Rs.60/-) : I will soon share its review with you guys. But I don’t like its smell at all.

Patanjali Body Ubtan (Rs.60/-) : This one is my all time favorite. It works amazing for dry skin. You can check the review here

Time to check my Shri Shri Ayurveda Products. I picked up some skin care products from this brand. Their products are very affordable as well.

Shri Shri Ayurveda anti Acne Gel (Rs.55/-) : It is enriched with tulsi, neem and ginger. Each of these ingredients are known for their anti acne and skin healing properties.

Shri Shri Ayurveda Mosquito Repellent (Rs.50/-) : I normally the Odomos one, but thought of trying something new this time. It has a herbal, lavender kind of smell.

Shri Shri Ayurveda Down to Earth Fortifying Face Cream (Rs.60/-) : The main ingredients of this cream are cucumber and rose. The cream is little oily and would be suitable for dry skin people. I will share the review soon.

Shri Shri Ayurveda Turmeric face Pack (Rs.65/-) : I have already used this face pack once, but I won’t tell you anything about it right now. The review will be up soon.

Shri Shri Ayurveda Neem Face Pack (Rs.65/-) : Another face pack from Shri Shri Ayurveda that I bought during this haul. I haven’t tried it yet, but will be using it soon.

Shri Shri Ayurveda Anti Acne Face Wash (Rs.60/-) : I have already used it couple of times. Will be sharing the review soon.

So girls, that’s all I bought during my Patanjali New Products & Shri Shri Ayurveda skin Care Haul. Let me know which product reviews you want from this list 🙂

Below I have shared some videos from my youtube channel. Do check them out 🙂

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