Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo Review

Winters and dryness are best friends as they come hand in hand. With the onset of winters we get to see dry skin, dandruff and dry scalp , cracked heels, itchy body and so on. During this time we are supposed to take care of those super dry areas with the help of products that nourish along with cleansing. This is why I picked up Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo which is especially formulated for dry hair. It is completely herbal as it comes from Patanjali whose products are known for their purity as well as efficiency. Read on to find if this hair cleanser can be your pick this season. Today my post is about Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo Review.
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Patanjali has a wide range of products from medicines to body care. Their hair care range has got cleansers for all hair types from normal and dry hair types to problematic scalp all. Not only their products heal symptoms from within but also are very budget friendly. Patanjali milk protein shampoo is enriched with the goodness of natural products like tulsi , aloe vera, mehendi and many others which have been used since ages for healing with various hair problems. The milk protein used in this shampoo not only cleanses dry hair gently but also repairs hair damage with continuous age. By bringing shine onto hair strands it brings dry and rough hair back to life and healthy hair means strong hair, so no more hairfall.

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Price: Rs.95/- for 200 ml

Directions for usingApply 2-5 ml on wet hair, massage gently for 1 minute and then rinse with water.

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Shelf Life: 3 years

Color: Pearl white

Consistency: Thick and flowing.

Smell: Smells very refreshing

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What Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo Claims

  • Useful in dryness and roughness of hair.
  • Prevent hair fall and improve hair shine.

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My experience with Patanjali Milk Protein Hair Cleanser

Patanjali products are so easy to find nowadays because even general shops keep these in stocks unlike earlier when Patanjali was available only at their selected centres. Also the prices of their products are so reasonable that it fits the budget of every person. Once a person starts using the products made by them its difficult to discontinue because the results are too good to be overlooked. Even I was not very interested in herbal products until I used their medicines and got cured pretty fast. So here goes the review of their hair cleanser.

The design of the shampoo bottle is made in such a way that it has a nice grip and does not slip out of wet hands. This can be seen from the uneven shape made on its two sides. Quantity of shampoo required per wash is exactly same as regular shampoos. All I do is wet hair and apply shampoo onto wet hair as directed and wait for a minute and wash it off with lots of water. As I have dry hair I use cold water to clean my hair to combat the dryness. When I wash my hair with this and follow up with my regular conditioner I get super smooth and soft hair. It manages frizz to some extent and brings luster to the strands. Overall my tresses look healthy and well behaved.

Though its a mild and non detergent shampoo yet it foams like sulphate contained shampoos. Even when I do not use my conditioner after using this shampoo which is a bad habit, I get soft and shiny hair as claimed. It perfectly controls the dryness of the scalp as well as hair and combats dry and flaky dandruff to a certain extent. Even if I oil my hair prior to using this shampoo then also it cleanses every bit of it without making the hair limp or dry. It lives up to its claims of working on dry and damaged hair and makes it shiny too.

Herbal shampoos mostly work on hair ailments like hair fall or dandruff but does not do anything to the texture of hair. I believe this shampoo is more of an organic kind and not just herbal as its ingredients are a combination of herbs as well modern science. An added benefit of this milk protein shampoo is that it controls hair fall to a great extent. To sum up ,this shampoo is recommended to all  from normal to dry and dry and damaged hair and best skipped by people with greasy hair as its hydrating properties will make hair more limp by the second day of use. Also it’s an unisex shampoo and derives equally good results on men.

This is a great affordable shampoo that hydrates and nourishes hair and keeps flaky scalp at bay. Overall if it works for you this may just become your staple shampoo for winters that would bring your hair back to life in a few uses.

Good about Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo

  • Hydrates scalp and hair
  • Controls flakiness of scalp
  • Foams like detergent based shampoo
  • Controls hair fall
  • Removes oil effectively
  • Makes hair shiny and less frizzy
  • Works on damaged hair
  • affordable
  • easily available

Bad about Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo

  • Nothing

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating:  4.5/5  ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. i have oily hair.. 🙁 but i will definitely try one of the patanjali products.!

  2. Heard a lot of about their products..need to try them 🙂 great reveiw 🙂

  3. i have heard of this shampoo but it has sls/parabens in it.. nice review dear 🙂

  4. Seems like a great option…So affordable too..I would love to try 🙂

  5. if it controls hair fall , it will be my next pick

  6. Great review dear 🙂 need to buy in next shopping 🙂

  7. pocket buddy this is 🙂

  8. I was suggested this by the beauty parlour girl for my hair fall. So I gave a try, but after using this I’m having terrible hair fall 🙁 🙁 didn’t work fort hair at all…

  9. Is it necessary to use conditioner after using kesh kanth milk protein shampoo?
    I’m using this shampoo from 2 weeks ,2 times per week bcz i have long hair,it reduced ma hair fall, and little shine to hair … very nxtday if i go somewhere nd tie ma hair…aftr few hours or if i go by bus hair becomes rough this may be bcz of outside i want ma hair shd be shiny nd smooth always even if i not use oil everyday bt not rough if i go somewhere…so what i shd do for this?
    should i use conditioner?

    If so which conditioner i should use?how to use it?
    plz suggest me..
    plz reply soon waiting for ur reply..

  10. Can it be useful for hair with so much oil applied in winter. And suggest me how to get rid of the ttttangles. Can this prevents hairfall from roots.

  11. This shampoo works for me for about 3-6 months for me but after that, it turned my hair dry like a broomstick. Now I hate this shampoo. I have dry scalp & dry hair so it is not suitable for hair like me.

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