Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash Review

Hi Beauties! I am back with another review and this is Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash review. This year has been very hot here in Pune. Most of the time I was sweating and lack of sleep. And to add to all this, pimples on my skin. It is very much necessary to take care of skin this time. And due to all weddings and family functions, I was not able to find time for myself. After all the miracle products of Patanjali, I wanted to try out their face wash range for acne on skin. Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash contains honey & orange. This particular combination in face wash I found quite interesting which I usually use in my DIY treatments at home. As it was very affordable, I wanted to give it a try.

Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash

I don’t think I need to give any explanation about this brand. Indian cosmetic market has been flooded with Patanjali products. Apart from being pocket friendly, most of the Patanjali products are quite effective and chemical free. Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash contains the goodness of honey and orange. Both these ingredients are great for oily, sensitive & acne prone skin. So, let us have a look at the Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash review.

Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash packaging 2

Price of Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash : Rs.45/- for 60 gm

Ingredients and directions for use :
Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash ingredients & direction for use

Shelf Life : 18 months

Color : Faint orange

Smell : Orange fragrance

Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash cap

What Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash claims

Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash claims

Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash swatch

My Experience With  Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash

Like all Patanjali face washes, and most of the face washes available in the market, this Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash comes in tube type packaging. The cap is flip open type and does not cause any leakage. The tube is travel friendly and pocket friendly too.

Only a drop is required to wash off the entire face. There is orange fragrance which lingers when I use the face wash. It has medium thick consistency. Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash does lather well. After washing, I found my face fresh and clean. But the real twist is here, this face wash did cause a huge breakouts. First time, I just ignored and avoided it for some days and tried it after around two weeks. But second time as well, it did break out a lot on my skin. I have no clue if my skin is become sensitive or the product is quite strong and my skin tends to reacts to it. But ultimately, I have stopped using Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash completely and it is just lying in my shelf. Ideally, being a Patanjali product I was expecting it without any side effects but it turned out a dud for me.

Now I have given this face wash to my cousin, and she being a teenager did not face any issues, on her skin. My skin is more prone to skin rashes and that might be the reason for the same. If used daily, Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash would last 30-40 days. Its an unisex product, and all the family members can use it.

Overall, I would say it Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash does cause breakout if you have a slight acne prone skin. Else, you can use this product. This is a just another product for skin but without chemicals.

Good about Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash

  • Affordable
  • Sufficient quantity
  • No chemicals
  • Availability
  • Strong aroma of orange
  • Long lasting
  • Sturdy packaging
  • No leakage
  • Easily available
  • Unisex product
  • Cleanses well

Bad About Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash

  • Broke me out

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 2/5 ♥♥

About Anju Malgaonkar

Anju is from Goa and is working as Analyst in Hyderabad. She has completed MBA in finance from ICFAI Business school, Pune. She loves writing, dancing, trekking and doing adventurous thing. She loves to see new places. She has passion for beauty and makeup. She keeps herself updated about latest fashion trends and implement them. She likes neon colour and keep experimenting with them all the time.


  1. Looks good but sad that this gave o breakouts 🙁

  2. First time I ignored and used it again after a month. Again, it broke my skin overnight. I compared my pictures of day I used it with the pictures of a day before I used it. My skin tone got changed to broke-out skin. Its looking like red color rashes. I am never going to use this face wash again ever in my life.

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