Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review

Hello to all you beautiful girls! Beautiful girls are often compared with the flower rose, isn’t it? And rightfully so, after all rose is synonymous with beauty, charm, attraction. And rose not only looks beautiful, but it has some amazing beauty benefits too which helps to make us more beautiful. This flower of rose is something like, ‘Beauty with a brain’ 🙂 Anyway, the most common way to incorporate rose in our beauty care is by using rose water. Rose water is like a basic ingredient in our beauty and skin care. So today, I will be sharing Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review with you all.

Patanjali rose water review

Rose water is an wonderful solution for our skin worries. It cleanses face and provides nourishment for our skin. Rose water rejuvenates our skin cells and provides a natural glow. It also balances ph level of skin and helps to get rid of acne and pimples. Patanjali Divya Rose Water claims to contain natural rose flower extract that provides anti oxidant to our skin. But does it stay true to its claim? Take a look at my Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review to know more.

Price of Patanjali Divya Rose Water : Rs.25/- for 200 ml

Ingredients : missing 

Direction for use :

directions for use, Patanjali Divya Rose Water review

Shelf life : 18 months

Color : transparent

Smell : smells like rose

Patanjali Divya Rose Water pack, Patanjali Divya Rose Water review

What Patanjali Divya Rose Water claims


Patanjali Divya Rose Water Review

My experience with Patanjali Divya Rose Water

Patanjali Divya Rose Water comes in a clear plastic bottle. The packaging looks similar to Dabur Gulabari rose water. The bottle has a plastic stopper attached to its mouth, which is  well protected by a pink colored screw open cap. You either have to pull out the stopper to pour rose water or make a hole in the stopper. The overall packaging is a little boring, but safe to carry.

Patanjali Divya Rose Water smells like rose. I use this rose water in various ways, starting from as a face toner to mixing in facepack. Take a look :

Pour a few drops of Patanjali Divya Rose Water on a cotton ball and wipe the face after cleansing with face wash. Or if your face is looking oily and dull, just do the same and your face will look fresh instantly.

I mix Patanjali Divya Rose Water with all my face packs. It makes my skin glow.

I also use Patanjali Divya Rose Water as my facial scrubber. I make a paste using the rose water and besan and apply it on my face. Allow it to dry and with wet fingers, I gently scrub my skin with this.

If you have dry skin, then mix some glycerin with Patanjali Divya Rose Water and massage your skin with that before bedtime. You will wake up to no dryness.

Patanjali Divya Rose Water says that it can also be used on eyes. But I haven’t used it because you should not put anything and everything on eyes, it can be risky.

Overall, Patanjali Divya Rose Water is an okay product. You can just use it as a normal rose water, but don’t expect any miraculous result on your skin.

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Good about Patanjali Divya Rose Water

  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Affordable
  • Smells like rose
  • Can be used like any other rose water

Bad about Patanjali Divya Rose Water

  • No extra-ordinary results.

Availability : easy
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Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 3/5 ♄♄♄

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  1. I have used it loooooong back, need to re-purchase it. 😀 It’s so cheap na!

  2. Patanjali has some great products. But they are not easily available.

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