OxyGlow Natures care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner Review

Hello sweeties! How’s everyone doing? Today I am back with another post and this time it is OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner review. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing or CTM is the most vital part of our skincare regime. At times, we do cleanse our skin and moisturize it afterwards, but skip the toning part. It is particularly important that we use a good toner after washing our face. Toner balances skin’s ph level, calms the skin and helps prepare it for any other moisturizer, cream or serum that will follow. Also it removes the dirt or make up residue that had been missed with the cleanser.Rose, orange blossoms, geranium or lavender make excellent toners because they are natural and loaded with skin conditioning benefits. I personally love rose toners because they are loaded with natural goodness.

OxyGlow Natures care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner Review

  • It fights against acne, eczema etc
  • The antioxidant properties of rose toner help to strengthen skin cells and regenerates skin tissues
  • Rose water hydrates, revitalizes, moisturizes and smoothes out the skin
  • It also calms the skin to help ease any stress and anxiety
  • Rose toner helps to maintain skin’s ph balance

I recently picked up this OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner. I wasn’t aware about this rose toner previously, though I have used a few other products from OxyGlow and was happy with them. OxyGlow is a widely trusted brand that offers a vast collection of herbal beauty and cosmetic products like bleach, face pack, gels, face washes, lotions etc. OxyGlow promises 100% natural cosmetics products without the complication of side effects of chemicals. And the ingredient list of this toner suggests it’s completely free from chemicals. Let’s check out how this rose toner from OxyGlow fares on my beauty scale.

Price of OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner : Rs.140/- for 100 ml

Ingredients : Aqua, Glycerin, Rose petal, Orange peel, Peach extract

Directions for use : Clean face and neck with OxyGlow face wash/cleansing milk. With eyes closed, spray toner onto face and neck. Dab gently. Follow it up with OxyGlow intensive moisturizing lotion. Use everytime you feel tired and unclean.

OxyGlow Natures care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner for skin

Shelf life : 30 months

Color : Bright pink

Smell : It smells like rose, but not too strong.

OxyGlow Natures care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner

What OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner claims

This refreshing toner contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in the treatment of various skin problems like wrinkles, sunburn and stressed skin. Using it regularly or even frequently helps in the cleaning and tightening of skin. Thus it acts as a natural firmer which hydrates the skin to make it overall glow.

OxyGlow Natures care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner on cotton

My experience with OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner 

OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a spray nozzle attached to it. I personally love spray bottles because it becomes very convenient to spray the toner directly onto the face or on the cotton, whichever way you like to use it. Moreover the spray bottles are re-usable. However, the spray nozzle on my bottle sometimes does not work. After a few attempts, it starts working alright though. The spray nozzle is well protected by a small plastic cap which prevents any leakage on the go.

The toner smells nice, a subtle rosy fragrance which I find quite refreshing. The toner is made up of all natural ingredients and it’s completely alcohol free. The main components of this toner are rose petals, orange peel and peach extract. Rose petals make skin smooth. It has a soothing effect on the skin as well. Rich in vitamin C, rose petals work as an excellent sun block. Orange peel cures blackheads, acne, dead cells, blemishes, dark circles and also brightens up the skin. Peach extract is a rich source of vitamin A & C which help is skin moisturizing and cell re-generating. Peach is used to regain the beauty, vitality and luster of the skin.

The toner appears bright pink in the bottle. Because of its spray nozzle, it can easily be used as a face mist. I use it both ways. Mostly I spray it on a piece of wet cotton and wipe my face and neck after cleansing. It removes all the traces of dirt and make-up that my face wash fails to eliminate. Once I am done, my skin feels tight, hydrated and moisturized, but it doesn’t look shiny or greasy. Also at times, I spray it directly on my face and let it air dry. It takes a few seconds to evaporate completely and makes skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, but not sticky. It works great this way during winter or when the weather is dry. But in humid condition, skin might feel a little greasy after sometime. So it’s safe to use the toner by spraying directly on cotton. The toner is completely free from alcohol and that’s why it doesn’t cause any burning and stinging sensation on my skin, neither did it break me out.

It requires a small amount to wipe the face and neck. A 100ml bottle will last for at least couple of months. Only thing that concerns me a little bit is that the toner appears bright pink or almost red in the bottle, but once you spray it on cotton it looks like a faded pink stain.

Overall, this OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner is a decent product. It does a fairly good job of tightening skin pores without making skin feel dry or stretchy. The toner hydrates and moisturizes the skin well and its alcohol free formula doesn’t let the skin break out or sting. In summer, the toner can be stored in refrigerator and used as a cool face mist.

Good about OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner

  • Travel friendly packaging with spray nozzle
  • Lovely pink color, refreshing smell
  • Alcohol free
  • Made up of all natural ingredients
  • Tightens pore without making skin dry
  • Hydrates well
  • Can be used as a toner as well as face mist
  • A little goes a long way

Bad about OxyGlow Nature’s care Rose Petal Refreshing Skin Toner

  • Spray nozzle seizes at times
  • Might not be a great option for oily skin people

Availability : Online: easy, Offline: can be an issue

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. I guess i should skip it as i have combination to oily skin in summers…but will give it a try in winters 🙂

  2. Nice product for my skin type 🙂

  3. I love using toners becoz they do wonders 🙂 Good review

  4. Sounds great, i was thinking to buy this…now i will surely give it a shot 🙂

  5. Awww the packaging is so gud! Thnks for the review, i will surely try this!??

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