Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion

Hey girls, winter is slowly trying to creep in parts of Northern India and that is altogether a new reason for me to be happy because I am one person who likes the comfortable quits, a mug of coffee and a good book to read and of course, winter fashion!! Just because, it is chilling cold outside does not mean that you need to wrap yourself in boring clothes. In fact, Winters seem like just the perfect time to revive your wardrobe and flaunt the stylish Diva in you in some hot overcoat numbers. While we are sure, you already know some great ways to team up your jackets/ blazers and coats with your outfits, here I have come up with a few trendy Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion

So, if you have not yet stocked up on some coo… rather haute stuff for your winter wardrobes, let us give you some fashion inspiration to help you make the right purchases for your Fall outfits. Many websites are offering great discounts on winter outfits at the moment. So, do your shopping before the prices hike. Here are some nice ways you could try out. Read below my post on Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion for some style inspiration.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Pair up tight and loose

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Pair up tight and loose

Beneath an oversized, knee length coat always try and keep the rest of your outfit well fitted to accentuate your body shape. As a combination of loose clothings does not look good. Wearing a fitted top and jeans or cigarette pants or leggings beneath a baggy coat helps to balance out things. Please make sure that we are talking about a coat of your size that is designed to look oversized. You do not have to pick a coat that is a couple of sizes bigger as that would end up looking rather shabby.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Ponchu style coats

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Ponchu style coats

These were very into fashion last winters, out here in Delhi and I am pretty sure the trend is going to continue this year also. Typically, ponchus have just a centre hole to let you put your head through. The modern version of this outfit has sleeves but not a definite neckline and is often open in front. The ponchu and ponchu inspired coats has a very wavy and flowy pattern. Also known as cape style coats due to lack of a definite fitting.

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Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Blazers

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, blazer

Blazers are just the perfect outfits for formal and semi formal wear. If a formal suit is not your kind of a thing then you can pick up a blazer in White or pastel shades and pair it up smartly with collared shirt and sleeveless sweaters. Denims look really cool with semi formal Blazers.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Leather Jackets

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Leather Jackets

No winter outfit is entirely complete without a Black leather jacket to show off! Well, short leather jackets in Dark colours like Black and Tan Brown look fabulous when paired up with long, geometrical prints or striped tops and scarves. Ankle length boots look awesome with leather jackets.

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Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Restyle your old Coats

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Restyle your old Coats

You can add some oomph to your old and boring coat by tying a funky belt around the waist. Printed leggings with polka dots and Animal prints look really funky, too.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Wear a coat like a lady

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Wear a coat like a lady

If sophistication is your style mantra, then you can wear an overcoat with some floral/ crystal brooch along with fitted knee length skirts.

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Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Peplum coats

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Peplum coats

Double breasted, peplum coats that are fitted at the front and are flowy/ flaring below the waist like are amongst a few evergreen winter styles that never seem to go out of trend. These look spectacular when coupled with tight leggings and stockings.

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion – Quilted Jackets

Overcoats Ideas for Winter Fashion, Quilted Jackets

Please do not miss out on these. The quilted jackets are really lightweight and comfortable to wear and look amazing with all their fluffiness and patterned quilts. You can take your pick from sleeveless and full sleeved varieties. These are very easily available at every other clothing store in winters and offer a wide spectrum of colors to choose from.

That’s all for now 🙂 Hope you liked my post today.. take care and stay stylish 🙂

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