Oshea Smoother Hair Serum

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum – Hair serums not only protect our hair from damages, but also helps in styling and enhances the overall appearance of our hair. Oshea Smoother Hair Serum has been recently introduced by Oshea Herbals, the leading manufacturer of herbal cosmetics has commenced. Oshea Smoother Hair Serum gently detangles hair locks and adds extra shine, volume and bounce to the hair. Its a non-sticky hair serum with liquid transparency that spreads easily and evenly on hair. Oshea Smoother Hair Serum is infused with the goodness of Ginseng, Olive oil and Vitamin E. Below you can find out more about the product.

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum

Price of Oshea Smoother Hair Serum :

Rs.225/- for 50 gm (available at all major cosmetic outlet and major online retailers)

Direction for use : For quick and effective result, wash your hair Oshea Heenashine Conditioning Shampoo followed with take 4-5 drops of this serum on the palm of your hand and apply them on hair. Massage gently for 30 seconds. Leave hair dry naturally to retain the benefits.

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum direction for use

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum packaging 2

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum bottle

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum Ingredients :
Oshea Smoother Hair Serum ingredients

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum packaging 1

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum pump nozzle

What Oshea Smoother Hair Serum claims

This non sticky fluid enriched with vitamin E spreads evenly on hair. It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage, leaving behind a shiny, protective layer that keeps your hair soft, shiny and beautiful. No matter what your hair type, this hair smoother can set it free from almost every problem.

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum claims

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum swatch

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum applied on my hair

Enriched with Ginseng, Olive Oil and Vitamin E as active ingredients, this hair serum ensures protective shield from damages and gives you healthy, soft and beautiful hair. The revolutionary unique blend of herbal extracts promotes healthy hair growth and makes hair smoother and stronger. There is no harmful chemicals added in the formulation and hence is suitable for all kinds of hair whether it is dry, curly, rough and colored hair. It is available in an elegant pump spray container.


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