Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

Hello Readers, Here is my post about Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review. Many at times while trying out a particular product for a long time one tends to get bored. This happens often with me due to which I keep switching in between brands. In this excitement of trying out new products, many at times we come across products which do not live up to its promises. One has to still use it alternatively to compensate for the money spent on it. Here is one such product which did not work for me at all.

Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer consists a fusion of botanical extracts and herbal ingredients. Being formulated for oily and sensitive skin it is of light texture and oil free so as to prevent breakouts on oily skin. It balances hydration of oily skin and helps to get soft, smooth and glowing skin. Oshea products are available online as well as offline and this particular moisturizer comes in only one size. Read on my Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review to find out more!

pack, Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

Price of Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer : Rs.195/- for 120 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients :

direction for use and ingredients, Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : White

Smell : Mild

cap, Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

What Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer claims

claims, Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

swatch, Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer Review

My experience with Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer

Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer is available in a convenient pump bottle packaging and is meant for oily skin. I picked this up for hot days on which regular moisturizers feel too heavy on the skin. The pump provided along turned out to be faulty after first few uses so I had to discard it. Two to three pumps are enough for the face and neck. I find this over priced compared to other moisturizing lotions due to its quality.

The fragrance it bears is mild but not so appealing. As Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer is formulated for oily skin, the consistency it has is extremely light and easy to blend into the skin. Instantly the skin absorbs the lotion and leaves behind a semi matte finish. Although it is meant to slightly hydrate oily skin yet it gives a weird stretchy feeling post application. Even my daughter who has oily combination skin complained of this stretchiness. This feeling stays for sometime unless I apply something more nourishing over it. It is more like a light serum for the skin.

The skin feels soft and supple but there is no noticeable change in the skin like toning up of skin or skin looking brighter than before apart from these. This is just an ordinary lotion which partially hydrates skin for some time and then vanishes away. The hydration it imparts is neither good enough for normal to oily nor combination to oily skin. Extremely oily skin might find its moisture helpful. Thankfully this did not break me out or cause irritation to the skin but this is not something which I will be recommending to anyone.

Overall Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer is an overpriced moisturizing lotion which might work for severely oily skin. However the hydration it imparts of no use for normal to oily or even combination to oily skin type.

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Good about Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer

  • Light consistency
  • Does not break out the skin
  • Might fare good for extremely oily skin
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Semi matte finish

Bad about Oshea Grapemoist Moisturizer

  • Overpriced for its quality
  • Does not give enough hydration to normal to oily or combination skin
  • Skin feels stretchy post use
  • No long term benefits to the skin like brightening complexion or toning up of the skin.
  • No SPF value

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 2.5/5 ♥♥•

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