Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review – Hello everyone! Welcome back to Beautifulhamesha Blog and today I am going to share Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review. It is a new launch from Oshea Herbals. Recently the brand has come up with some amazing products for hair and skin and you will find the reviews here on my blog. I am not a believer in “Fair is Beautiful” theory, but I certainly desire to have skin that is radiant and healthy. And this Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream comes with effective skin brightening formula that prevents melanin production and thus improving skin tone and bring out a radiant glow to the face.

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review

One of the main ingredient of Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream is coconut oil. I haven’t used any face cream before that contains coconut oil. Coconut oil is known for its anti-microbial and moisturizing properties. It penetrates the skin in deeper levels and works effectively to cleanse the skin while protecting it from bacterial infusion. Apart from coconut, the face cream is enriched with the herbal extracts of ginseng, licorice, coconut, lemon peel, almond oil, apricot kernel oil etc. So how does it fared for me? Read my  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Review below and find out.

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream tub

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream

Price of  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream :

Rs.295/- for 50 gm

Direction for use and Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream Ingredients :

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream ingredients and direction for use

Shelf life :

Color : white

Smell : sweet coconut smell

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream opening

What  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream claims

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream claims

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream swatch

My experience with  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream comes in a glass jar with red colored screw open cap attached. The combination of red and white has given it an attractive look. Being made of glass, the jar is bulky, but the overall packaging is quite sturdy. I don’t think it will shatter easily if dropped accidentally. But for travelling purpose, I would suggest you to transfer some of the cream into a separate container and carry that with you.

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream is pure white in color and smells like any sweet dish made of coconut. The fragrance is sweet, but not overwhelming. The texture is very creamy and smooth. It spreads easily and nicely on the face. You don’t need to take out a lot of product, just a little amount is needed per application.

Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream gets absorbed easily and gives instantly hydrated and moisturized face. Skin feels soft and smooth for a long time. It is a perfect cream for normal to dry skin. But oily skin people should stay away from it as it would make the face even oilier. I have been using the cream regularly for past couple of weeks and it has definitely improved my skin texture. My skin not only feels softer and smoother, but the cream has added a healthy glow to my face. I think regular use of this cream can give 1-2 tone fairer skin than before.

Overall,  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream is a good face cream. Infused with the goodness of coconut oil, licorice, ginseng, lemon peel etc, it keeps skin hydrated for long. Skin becomes soft, supple and glowing. For the fairness part, one needs to be consistent with it to get 1-2 tone fairer skin than before.

Good about  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream

  • Attractive and sturdy packaging
  • Nice fragrance
  • Little amount is needed per application
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Provides instant hydration and moisturization
  • Skin feels soft and smooth for long
  • Improves skin texture
  • Can give 1-2 tone fairer skin with regular use
  • Perfect for normal to dry skin

Bad about  Oshea COCOWHITE Fairness Cream

  • Not ideal for oily skin

Availability : available at all leading cosmetic outlets and major online stores

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 4/5

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