Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Review

Hi friends! I am very glad to introduce to you the world’s tiny lipstick which is about half the size of my smallest finger. There are many shades to choose from, but I have very less collection of brown shades, so I bought the Chocó brown shade. I just love the size of the lipstick its just 2cms; 1cm of lipstick attached and 1cm of the transparent cap. Oriflame distributors sell this saying it as Oriflame brand but I couldn’t find any Oriflame name tagged on it so I am not sure whether it is their in house product or it is their extended tie up with some other brand. Let us know more about Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Review.
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The world’s tiniest lipstick is so sleek and cute, I can’t mention you girls. It looks like any other lipstick but being very tiny it is very difficult to handle. We have to be very careful while applying this lipstick as it is very tiny. Also while closing the cap, there can be a fear of damaging the lipstick so care must be taken. The packaging is so small that it is difficult to have any details printed on it so all the information are not available.

The product has a nice lipstick smell and is not at all irritating. But after application of the lipstick somehow I don’t like the overall effect on my lips an even the taste of it, its just yaaaak. This lipstick should be carried in a small box or something in order to not getting it lost in your huge cosmetics collection. The product can get over easily as the content is in micrograms. I picked it up because I just loved its size without thinking about anything about it and also because of its uniqueness in size .I did do a lippie swatch of it but I was scared that before taking pictures I may break it.

Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Image

Price  – Rs.50/-

Direction for using – Outline the lips with a lip pencil and then starting from the centre moving to the edges of the lips; apply the lipstick evenly on the lips.

Ingredients: Not mentioned (In such a tiny lipstick anyway it is not possible to print anything)

Ingredients of Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Image

Shelf life – 1-2yrs (As I was told, 08/2014 is the expiry date printed)

Color –  Chocó brown

Smell –  fruity smell

Color of Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Image

What Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Claims

A creamy and moisturizing lipstick claims to be the tiniest lipstick in size and can give the best results and is really great in color payoff.

Claims of Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick Image

Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick swatch Image


“Overall it is a very cutely packaged and smallest lipstick which moisturizes the lips and has a great color payoff.”

Good about Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick

  • Creamy texture
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Good color payoff
  • World’s smallest/tiniest lipstick
  • Cute packaging

Bad about Oriflame Worlds Tiniest Lipstick

  • Very small, needs to be handled with extra care
  • Will not run long as quantity is very less
  • Incomplete details on the pack due to the area constraint

Availability:  Not easily available. Through the distributors only

Fashion and Beauty Rating: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

About Piyali Toshniwal

Piyali is from Mumbai. She born in Kolkata and brought up in different cities of India. Since her dad had a transferable job, She has travelled many states and cities of India. From there her passion for travelling arose. She love to travel and explore new places. She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with MBA in Finance from Mumbai University. She has a passion for beauty and fashion and love to experiment with her looks a lot hence her inclination to write for BHB. Business is what she enjoy the most. She has an Art Jewellery Brand named “PSJ-PiyaJewels” and event Management Company called “Radiance Events”. She is a very creative person and hence her work of creativity reflects in her ventures. She like to live life to the fullest & try to enjoy every possible bit of it! Her motto of life is “Keep Smiling, it’s the best Jewellery one can wear”


  1. Thats sooo cute 🙂 i have a tiny lip gloss 🙂

  2. wow! so cute!

  3. super cute..I have had this one in past in a purple shade but thee have to be handled very carefully..

  4. Awww.. looks so cute. 🙂

  5. Great to hear that Oriflame has made its place in world records too 🙂 I m very big fan of Oriflame but didnt know about this. Thanks for the review. I loved its tiny size and shade, would get one for sure asap.

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