Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick Review

[kkstarratings]Hi All, Today my post is about Oriflame Pure Color Lipstick Review. I am big fan of lipstick so I always collect different shades of lipstick from different brands.  A lipstick is not just a lipstick anymore. With Oriflame, it becomes your beauty secret that helps you get the desired result in plumpness, moisture, color and a lot more. so today we will enjoy this two shades of lipstick Radiant red and Rich red . for more detail about  Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick Review.

Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick ReviewOriflame Pure Colour Lipsticks

Price of Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

2.5 g For Rs. 99.00/-

Key ingredients of Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

Not mentioned

Direction for using Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

Apply directly on clean lips

Oriflame Lipstick Review

Shelf life of Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

24 months

Color of Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

Radiant red (pink shade) and Rich red (bright red shade )

Smell of Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

an exotic fragrance of  flowers ( similar like fair and lovely)

First one is rich red and second one is radiant red shade swatch

Swatches of oriflame lipsticks

What Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick Claims

Really smooth and creamy, conditioning lipstick that moisturises.

Its Rich Red shade

rich red shade

Feel about Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

The lipsticks are creamier, smooth and pigmented. they make your lips look luscious. Overall these are good quality lipsticks available in many nice shades. I must say I am impressed. I feel  Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick is cute in their cute little casing and do decent job. They are 2.5gm each so I would have expected more pigmentation and staying power. But they are great for newbies who want to try out different shades without burning a hole in their pocket. For me, they will be going in my purse and staying there cause I’ll be using them as a backup(touch-up) lipstick when I’m outside.

Good about Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

  • Its very affordable thats why you can choose many colors
  • Sheer Finish which means you wont need to top it with gloss
  • Does not dry out lips
  • Claim are true
  • Easy to carry
  • Good for daily use

Bad about Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

  • Staying power is low . .only 2 to 3 hr
  • No ingredient list
  • No spf
  • Does not come sealed . .I so wish they would make these sealed like others.
  • Packaging looks cheap and the transparent cap is prone to breakage

Availability : Only oriflame consultant 

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5  ♥♥♥•

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Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of beautifulhamesha.com. She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. nice shade!

  2. Ya its really good shade but problem is low staying power 🙂

  3. Both the shades are extremely pretty… corals, i just love them 🙂

  4. Average staying power 🙁 but the shades looks lovely 🙂

  5. Thats sad only 🙁

  6. will review one soon..hate their pigmentation !

  7. Loved both the shades. The shade goes well on you 🙂 Though it doesnt last long but I would like to get Rich Red one..this will suit to my skin tone.

  8. Really tempting glossy shades. After reading your post I am.too tempted to buy them. Rich red is a great shade to start with. Great review and swatches

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