Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss Cherry Shade Review

Oriflame is one of the oldest brands with free scale distributorship of its products through in numerous women around the globe. In India Oriflame has achieved very good brand awareness with many girls/women selling them through exhibition, home units, outlets etc. Recently my friend who is a part time oriflame products distributor suggested me to check out the latest catalogue and I found this particular lip gloss very much tempting. Oriflame Power shine Juicy Lip gloss is a good budget buy and a decent lip gloss with good pigmentation.

Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss Cherry Shade Review

Oriflame is a Swedish brand with lots of presence in PAN India and outskirts too along with its manufacturing set ups at Noida, UP. Today I am here with a decent lip gloss from Oriflame. The product was chosen by me checking out the catalogue of oriflame which I got from a friend of mine. Today my post is about Oriflame power shine Juicy Lip gloss review. Please go through the post to know more about this product.

Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss Cherry Shade

Price of Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss : Rs. 345/- for 5 ml

Key Ingredients : Ingredients list is missing from the packaging

Direction of usage : Swipe the lip gloss using the lip gloss applicator on the clean lip and get juicy glossy lips in seconds

Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss Applicator

Shelf life : 18 months from the date of manufacturing

Color : Cherry (a shade of sparkling strawberry pink)

Smell : Strawberry fragrance

Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss Applicator Look

What Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss claims

Claiming to provide juicy sexy flavoured soft and pink lips in seconds, the applicator is unique and different to provide a unique sense of swiping of the lip gloss on the lips

Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss swatch

My Experience with Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss

Well an overall good lip gloss with a descent pigmentation and coverage on the lips. The applicator is quite different and unique kind of as it’s not a spongy one instead it’s made up of plastic rubber kind of a material which is flexible in nature and picks up more gloss than required. The lip gloss comes in a long tubular packaging with a not so good applicator. The applicator should be spongy one instead of this flexible type, as it doesn’t help much in even and complete coverage of lip gloss on the lips. The lip gloss gets easily transferred to cups and glasses and staying power is poor. It indeed gets absorbed faster in the lips making the lips softer but color stay is very poor. A petroleum jelly can do that work instead. It fails as a lip gloss function and is over priced for such properties. This orflame product made in India (Noida) is not much worth the price, it should have been maximum within the baby lips range. Rest it is an OK kind of  lip gloss even though it has a sexy and beautiful shade. People keep asking me which lip color I am wearing on as it actually brings in lot of appreciation but what the use when the staying power is not more than 1 hour for me.

To sum up, it is an OK type of a descent lip gloss with a very good color and fragrance and an average  applicator and poor staying power. You can skip this one without regrets

Good about Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss

  • A great strawberry fragrance
  • Good pigmentation and leak proof
  • Travel friendly and leak proof
  • Super juicy and glossy lips

Bad about Oriflame Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss

  • Staying power is poor (not more than 1 hour)
  • Lip gloss applicator is strange and unique and doesn’t provide too good coverage
  • Little overpriced as per the claims

Availability : Oriflame products distributor across the country

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 2.5/5  ♥♥•

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  1. wow lovely shade but I hate those products who has a low staying power 🙁
    Good review Pi 🙂

  2. Lovely shade, wish it had a longer staying power!! Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. The shade is lovely but sad to hear that staying power sucks.

  4. Very pretty shade 🙂

  5. I’ve this in Ripe Raspberry shade and I like the slightly runny, creamy texture which spreads easily. And gives sheer to medium coverage on the lips. And it’s build-able. It hides slight pigmentation too. Overall quite a good product yet again from Oriflame 🙂

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